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Pros and Cons of Children Having Cell PhonesCell phone is a very popular gadget all over the world these days, even kids want their personal cell phone. Of course there must be some advantages and disadvantages of mobiles used by kids. So, here we are going to discuss Pros and Cons of children having cell phones.

When kids are out, cell phone keeps them in touch of the parent, thus works as a security cover for kids. But the other side of the coin is that it is unsafe for a kid. Cell phone is expensive gadget, and for its sake they can fell prey to robbers.

These days kids of about 4-5 years also know how to operate mobile phone. They learn to play games and to operate other functionality. This is a good brain activity. But it’s harmful because of radiation caused by wireless connectivity to the cell phone tower. It’s more harmful to kids than adults because they have lower physical resistance. Even while not talking, mobile radiation is still there. So, carrying in pocket also makes harm. It’s excessive use can create serious health problems, like cancer, brain tumor, hearing problem etc.

Though mobile phone is an expensive gadget and its recurring expanse is also difficult to maintain, so poor parents get embarrassed due to the demand of their kids or teen aged children. Not only due to expenses, but children waste their time also with mobile. There are too many functions in mobile today. And now 3G and 4G technology also in the market. Children remain indulged in it, which hampers their study. Every time watching on screen affects their vision badly.

So, like any other technology, undisciplined use of mobile phone is harmful and disciplined use is beneficial.

Now whether a kid should be provided with a cell phone or not, the question remains as it is. The answer is- below 7 years of age, strictly no. And after 7, it depends on many factors. If the child or teen aged children have to go out frequently, they should be provided with cell phone. Some phones are provided with parental control, you can give it to them. If not available give them a simplest model of phone, which can be used just to talk with. Latest technology is never suggested. If the phone is having different functionalities, teach the children its educational use also, not only entertainment. Ask children to use it just to talk, and not to make a long gossip, so that to use it minimum. For the health point of view ask them to use headset. Use of headset minimizes the health risks.

Parent should keep a watch, to whom and what the child is talking for a long time. Too much privacy for children of this age is not good. A mobile with sufficient recharge and other facilities should not be provided to children. A mobile with some control can be given.

The gist is that the parent should decide keeping every aspect in mind, when to provide them a mobile phone.