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Reactive Airway Disease In ChildrenReactive airway disease in children is caused by infection, virus and allergy to environmental stimulus. This disease is caused by aerial pollutants and is non-contagious. The symptoms of this disease are similar to those of asthma. Children are diagnosed with reactive airway disease but found to be suffering from asthma later on. Child suffer from this illness have respiratory tract swollen due to irritant like smoke or particulates. This will cause to narrow or clog the small breathing tubes in lungs.


An exposure to some irritants, infection, virus, allergic to environmental stimulus and certain heredity factors cause this ailment in children. It is also difficult to diagnose this disease in infant.

Symptoms in Infants

Reactive airway disease main symptoms are like wheezing on passing air through narrow airways. The child starts breathing fast, shallow and with dry cough.  Baby may also suffer from chest retractions and skin get pulled in between ribs. Cough and nostril flaring are also seen. Laziness or irritations, sucking and harder breathing are seen. Coughing becomes worse and prolongs to cause worries for parents.

Reactive Airway Disease Treatment in Children

Keep the child away from getting exposed to fumes, smokes and other irritants. Medicines are prescribed for treating inflammation and irritation. Avoid interactions with other children who are badly affected by this disease. Certain medicines are taken orally like bronchodilators and leukotriene to open up the bronchial passages to let the air move freely. The second medication can suppress the action of leukotriene which causes narrowing and swallowing of bronchial. Prescription of steroids is to fight inflammation in the early stages both oral and parental administration is very effective. Oxygen is provided in case of severe shortness of breath which acts as a mild bronchodilator in infants.

As a home remedy, honey with cinnamon powder may be given to child to get relief. Give grapes soaked in warm milk to child once in day to keep this disease away. Honey with pinch of turmeric power can also be given to infant to treat at home. Consult your doctor before any home treatment and see the doctor in case of emergency.


There are various ways to prevent reactive airway disease syndrome in infants and toddlers. Try to keep child away from pollutants and chemicals. Keep windows closed while sleeping at night. Avoid laundry outside which invites pollen to collect on clothes. Wash bed sheets regularly or once in a week. Try to encase pillows, mattresses and box springs in allergen-proof materials.

Repair leaky pipes because standing water may attract cockroaches. Keep food in sealed container. Mother must breastfeed her infant not less than three months to avoid skin allergy. Reduce exposure to smoke to avoid asthma in children. Children living in farms are getting less allergic than living in cities. The doctor must be consulted in case of severity of this disease.