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Safety of children at home is the major concern for parents. Injuries caused due to excessive heat from hot water is called hot water burns. Burns are very common among all the other injuries. The intensity of burn injuries also vary depending on the severity of burns. The most common among them is the first degree burns. These are non-threatening so no need to worry much. Therefore medical attention is also not required. Children are very restless and it is easy to spill boiled water on them. Child’s skin is very delicate and the hot water can scar their skin very easily.

The temperature of the water, which is prepared for bathing the child, should be set below 120F. Though it is still hot for the child but it can be dilute by adding some cold water. Always, water should be tested before pouring it or immerse the child into the bathtub. You can check the temperature of the water by pouring it in the inside of the wrist. If feel any discomfort, adjust the water temperature. You can also check the temperature by using bath water thermometers. Under any circumstances, you should never leave your child unattended in the bathtub.

You should always keep your child in a safe place while you are in kitchen. While cooking, keep the handles of cookware out of the reach of your child. Eating, drinking or carrying hot food or water or beverages around, your child should avoid strictly otherwise it may spill on them accidently. The tablecloths should not be hanged down because your child may pull it on them and your child will become burned if something hot is on the table.

Treatment for burn injuries

Burns can be classified as first, second and third degree burns depending on the severity of burns and a doctor can tell the extend of burn injuries. The minor burns can be treated at home but emergency medical care is needed for second and third degree burns because burn injuries cause the risk of infection, dehydration and other serious complications. If it is first degree burns, run cool water on the burned area. Do not apply oil, butter or ice. If the burn is on eyes, immediate medical care is essential.

If the burn injury is very severe (second or third degree), breaking blisters or removing the cloths will intensify the situation. So, emergency medical care is essential for severe burn injuries.