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When the children grow up, they want to buy a cycle to go out in the open for a ride. Slowly the child develops some level of confidence and starts insisting again to be allowed to go to school if it is nearby. It is the duty of the parents to ensure that the child should not be allowed to ride to school until the child is of ten years of age. The parents have also to assess the hazards involved in the drive. They have to assess the speed of traffic on road to school, number of traffic intersections and turns involved.

Only after proper assessment the decision of allowing the child to go to school on a bicycle should be made. Once you decide to allow the child to go to school, ensure that the child is fully aware of traffic signals. It is better to buy a traffic signal chart and teach the child about each signal. The child should be theoretically told about the way he is supposed to cross or overtake someone else, how he is to cross the road, which side to drive and when to use ring. The child will say that he knows all this, but still proper teaching is a must.

The next important thing is the size of the cycle needed by your child. The height of the cycle should be such that while sitting comfortably on the seat, the child is able to put both the feet on the ground and keep a balance. As the child grows tall, the height of seat can be raised. The cycle should not be too small as on this the child will look awkward.

Along with the cycle, the parents should buy the child a good quality proper sized helmet. This is a must for riding. Normally the child will resist this but be firm that if he wants to go to school riding his bicycle, a helmet is to be worn. The excuses can be that the helmet is uncomfortable to wear or does not look good or other children do not wear. Helmet is a big protection to the head in case of fall. Head injury can be fatal. It is better to be firm now than learning the hard way.

The cycle should have a proper sized basket to carry the school stuff so that both the hands are free. It should have a proper rear reflector, and a chain guard. On the first day to school on the cycle, make the child sit down with you and repeat all instructions properly. Tell the child that you trust him and understand that he will follow instructions and safety measures. When the child is back from school ask him about his experience and difficulties, if any, faced on way.