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Crawling is the first step of the baby towards movement. Before getting up on their foot, babies crawl on floor with their both hands and legs. Its very important phase in the baby’s developmental stage and it’s a good exercise also. It strengthens the muscles and develops motor control. Some babies don’t crawl, they directly get up on their foot. When a baby learns to crawl, parents or caretaker have to keep supervision every time. Babies crawl very fast. They can collide their head with wall or any furniture, fell down from height, can hold any hazardous object in hand. So while crawling a careful watching is necessary. Here are some tips to make crawling safe.

Since baby crawls on floor so to watch any dangers with their views, get down to their level. Now watch every nooks and corners what can make harm to the baby. Switches and sockets of electricity which are within their reach should be locked with child lock, otherwise the baby will put in his/her finger and get socked. Don’t leave electric iron on the floor. Not any other wires too. Baby will be tangled in it. Knife or any object which can injure the baby should be removed. It’s a tendency of babies to put anything in their mouth, so watch carefully if there is any thing which the baby can swallow or chew. Babies can look easily under chair, table, sofa etc. So get down and watch carefully under the furniture, what can harm the baby. You can use knee pads for babies crawling to make it easier and prevent scratching or skin hardening.

After the baby learns crawling, tries to get up on their foot then they reach to the table, cabinets etc and pull it over their head or can pull any heavy object or utensils which is put on it. This can injure the baby. Let the baby crawl in a fix area which you have made danger free. Out of the area if there is stair or a down area the baby can fell down. Keep watching the baby not to go there.

Keep the floor clean and properly mopped. Being closer to the floor baby can get dirt in his/her nose or mouth, This can make the baby sick. Carpet should be properly vacuumed and floor properly swept. Delicate skin can get allergy from dirt and can suffer from irritation and other skin problems. The baby can swallow or chew something lying on the surface which is harmful for the baby. There are many floor cleaners in market. Look at the ingredients used in it. Take care, it should not be toxic. Sometimes it is mentioned that the product’s ingestion is harmful but is not mentioned that its inhalation is also harmful. Therefore select a floor cleaner very carefully. Keeping some care and precautions, crawling of your baby can become a pleasant experience.