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To have mountains of toys in his room is the dream of every child. Children consider toys as their friends and are extremely possessive about them. Toys also help parents, teachers and daycare center operators to keep children busy without any element of risk. We can entertain children with the help of toys. These daycare toys are easily available in market in abundance. But one has to spend plenty of time in order to choose the right kind of daycare toys.

It is very difficult to decide the nature of these toys because in a daycare center children of different age group and different tastes are to be entertained. Same type of toys may not be interesting and satisfactory for all age groups. Toys are the best amusement for a child and the caretaker both. So when you are going to buy toys always buy a variety of good toys to satisfy children as well as parents.

Daycare centers cannot run successfully without daycare toys, that is why they purchase these toys in a good number. When you as a parent are going to buy some toys, you must keep in mind the age group of children. Always buy good quality branded toys for kids below three years because the lead and other toxic element used in low quality toys can harm the health of children.

From the age of the 6 months to 1 year, children need musical toys. At this age, a child cannot move on his own. He needs toys that can interact with him in the right way. Teddy bears without fur, musical toys, rattles, moving elements like ball, balloon etc. can be the best choice. You should avoid toys that can be assembled because the small parts of these toys can harm the child. You should also avoid buying sharp edged toys. Bouncy seats with colorful patterns are the best to purchase for kids as they capture their interest very well.

For 1 to 2-year old babies, you can buy pianos, Xylophones, building blocks etc. to teach them about colors and shapes. Picture books and colorful charts are also a good option. For 2 to 4 year old children, you should buy those toys that can inculcate imaginary power in them and develop their creativity. Equipment of first aid, kitchen sets, clay molds, toy vehicles, intricate building blocks, balls, soft toys of different animals etc. can be entertaining for the children of this age group.

To develop creativity in your child, you can teach him to make pictures and shapes with fingers, thumbs or hands. For this you can use watercolors. You can also teach him to develop patterns by using different vegetables. Ladyfinger and capsicum can be cut from the middle and be used to make good patterns. This is the also the best way to keep children busy and happy.