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Short Term Memory Loss in Children CausesDementia illness or Alzheimer are the main cause of short term memory loss in adults. It’s very common after 65 years of age. But unfortunately memory loss can affect a child of 6-7 years too. Why it happens in children, exactly it’s difficult to say.


Possibly some factors which may cause short term memory loss in children are:

  • Head injury or concussion in early childhood, which happens very often in kids
  • Due to learning disability
  • Type-2 diabetes in obese children
  • Lead poisoning, which is primary ingredient in house paint
  • Brain tumor
  • Severe emotional stress

When a child finds it difficult to remember even his/her daily activities, it’s symptom of short term memory loss. A lesson taught today, forgets tomorrow and it happens again and again. Here the parents will have to point it out that whether it’s short term memory loss or just carelessness of the child. In this case love and attention of the parents is the main treatment. If the child forgets the lesson again and again, may be its learning disability.

Treatment and ways to prevent short term memory loss

Here something you will have not to do:

  • Don’t ignore it
  • Don’t humiliate the child
  • Don’t lose patience, Repeat the lesson or whatever to teach the child , again and again without losing temper
  • Don’t feel ashamed of and even don’t let the child to
  • Don’t make the child to feel pressured to learn
  • Don’t make him/her feel that something is abnormal in him/her. It’s quite normal to forget. Just pay attention to him/her and keep repeating the lessons again and again.

Few activities can help the child- Indulge the child in simple brain activities, like memory games, rhymes to make by heart, simple puzzles to solve. Tell him/her stories and ask any event of the story afterward. Apart from parents, teachers can also help. Some creative activities like arts and crafts will help to develop the memory system of child. According to age and ability ask them to do some responsible works, like going to purchase simple items from grocery, to arrange cloths or books in self etc. Just keep watching so that not to make harm to him/her.

Playing in fresh air is also necessary. Don’t allow them to be clinged with TV, video games every time. Though video games are also a brain game, but playing in fresh air and interaction with children of same age group is also necessary. Free play with friends, cycling etc is exercise for not only body but brain also.

Don’t let the child to sit silently alone. Keep talking and communicating constantly. Help to memorize his/her lesson and home work done. Don’t forget to appreciate and buck him up. The improvement will be in slow pace but pressurizing to learn immediately will worsen the situation. If anyhow the problem doesn’t improve consult child’s doctor.