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During these difficult times when living is costly and most of the women are working to earn or to further their career, it becomes difficult for them stay at home to look after sick children. Some of the parents have the facility of keeping sick children with older or other relatives, while others have no such facility. In case of difficulty in getting leave from place of work, they have to send the sick child to school.

Most of the schools have sick rooms to keep sick children during school hours, but they are unable to provide home like facilities. However, in certain circumstances, the child should remain at home and get sufficient rest and be looked after.

It is advisable to keep the child at home if he is suffering from some contagious disease. These types of diseases spread by contact or touch or even two children coming close. A child suffering from such a disease is likely to spread it to other children.

If your child is suffering from high fever it will be better to keep him home. In this condition full rest is necessary. Also it may be due to some other problem brewing up and not apparent at this time.

Vomiting and loose motions should also a case of concern for the parents. Though a single vomit may be due to some simple indigestion or even lack of sleep, but repeated vomiting should be a cause of concern, similar is the case with loose motions. If they are being repeated at short intervals the child may be suffering from some infection needing attention and medication.

Cough and cold, though quite common ailments of the children, and not a reason of concern, but still need attention. Children often get this problem during changing weather due to exposure to heat or cold winds. When a child is suffering from this problem the nose gets blocked or starts flowing and is accompanied with coughing. This needs medication at regular intervals. Chances are that subsequently the child may develop fever. It is always better if the child is properly attended to and given rest.

Often due to allergic reaction of some medicine or atmospheric changes, the child develops rashes. Apparently these appear to be simple redness of skin or slight swelling but often these are painful and accompanied with itching. This requires immediate medical attention. The child should be taken to the doctor and medication should start. Further rest at home will help fast recovery because if the child goes to school he will be exposed to dust and weather which may aggravate the position.

The parents have the responsibility of bringing up the child and have to make adjustment to take leave and look after the ailing child.