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In society it is normal to see two persons namely father and the mother being parents of a child. They work together to bring up the children but in today’s world being a single mom has also become a reality. Earlier being a single mother was normally due to circumstances and not due to choice. The circumstances could be death of the partner or desertion. Now it may be divorce or separation due to habits of the father with whom it was difficult to live throughout life.

With changed times, being a single mother has become a choice for many though terrifying for others. Many women, may be due to nature or circumstances or love for profession, do not feel like entering wedlock to take up the responsibilities of house hold, and adopt a child to bring him or her up.

Even in today’s world such mothers face a lot of difficulties in bringing up the children. At school or in some other public registers they are asked to write the name of father, but persistent efforts and a firm will can help the mother to succeed. A single mother should keep the following in mind.

The first difficulty is to find support in case of emergency. Single mothers living near their parents or other near relatives may have confidence of getting the support from near ones, but those living at far off places have to put in place alternate arrangements. Such women, as far as possible, should make arrangement of baby sitter. The baby sitter should be recruited from some placement agency and ensured that her credentials have been checked.

Single mother should be in contact with similarly placed other ladies, so that in case of need she can take their help. For this the friends should meet or be invited to your place and all should play with children to make acquaintance amongst them. The child should know the persons who will come to help in case of need or emergency.

Every person wants some time, however short it may be, for herself. It is good to take some time off from office to look after one’s own needs, like going to a beautician or a store or some lonely place to get recharged with energy. It is essential to do cooking work preferably for the whole week on holiday so that daily some time is saved and used for training of the child. Involving the child in day to day work will be useful. To be successful single mom, planning to the minutest possible level is necessary.