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Pop or soda drink or a cola drink as they are called in different parts of the world, contains lot of sugar, carbohydrates and a few chemicals. They are very popular not only with the children but also with adults. Research has found that these drinks are not good for health. According to a study these have capacity to open blocked drains. Also these sugary drinks are one of the main causes of obesity in children.

Much more has been said about these drinks not worth mentioning here. Awareness due to these studies have helped change of drinking habits of people who have now shifted attention to other natural substitutes like fruit drinks which have better food value and are a source of nourishment for people of all ages.

It will be better if you avoid giving such harmful drinks to the children from the very beginning. Still if your child has developed a habit of consuming pop drinks it will not be possible to persuade him to leave this habit immediately, but slowly by persuasion you may get him to move to other substitutes.

Best substitute for these carbonated drinks is clean cool water. Ensure that your child consumes sufficient quantity of cool water. Ensure to give him or her eight ounce glass to drink water after meals and also when the child is thirsty after playing a game. Never serve pop drink with food. To set an example parents should also avoid consuming these in the presence of children.

Fruit and vegetable juice is the best cool and refreshing drink which can be consumed by children. The juice can be fresh or tetra packed. This provides much needed energy to the child. In addition to this, juices of orange or mixture of vegetables help improve the digestive system.

Milk is another good substitute as it is both nourishing and tasty and provides needed hydration to the body. The child may consume milk in a number of ways. It can be served hot with chocolate or after adding other additives, many of which are available in the market and are considered healthy. Also milk can be served as a shake of banana or mango or after adding other permitted flavoured beverages.

The child may try with fruit ice. Put some fruit juice in ice cube tray and freeze it. This may be added to some drink of the liking of the child to add taste. With this you may make ice flakes glass to drink during extreme hot weather.

Remember that large quantities and varieties of pop or cola drinks are sold in market and made popular through extensive advertising campaign for profit motive. The child should be served what is best for his health and the child should be provided proper information about this.