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When a child gets sick it often becomes difficult for the parents to manage. The child gets irritated easily and giving medicine at regular intervals also becomes an issue. Depending upon the nature of sickness, it is essential that the child should be given proper and healthy environment to enable him to feel comfortable and this way the child will recover fast.

First of all it is necessary that the sick child should be in clean and airy environment. The room should be properly ventilated and disinfected. To enable the child to be near you so that he does not feel isolated, his bed may be shifted during the day to a sofa in the living room. This way the child will get opportunity to be in your company and will be able to watch TV when he likes to.

The next requirement for speedy recovery of the child is provision of nutritious and healthy food. Food should be as per the medical advice and should be free from spicy and oily contents and should be easily digestible. The food should be given at proper intervals. In addition to the food, water is very essential. Mineral water or boiled water should be given to the child. Also depending upon the nature of sickness fresh or packed juice and soups can be given to the child.

Certain nutritive supplements are available in the market. They can be given to the child. These are often flavoured products liked by children. By consuming them the child will get nutritive supplement and also much needed liquid. Depending upon the weather and availability of sun light, the child should be given sufficient exposure to sun light. This will help production of vitamin D by the body and hasten the recovery.

Timely administration of medicines is most important. When sick, the child hesitates to take medicines and this becomes an issue for the mothers. The more they press the child for medicine the more difficult it becomes. For children flavoured syrups and sugar coated tablets are available in stores. Go in for these types of medicines.

Proper care of hygiene of the child should be taken. The body of the child should be cleaned with wet towel and some baby powder sprayed. Oral hygiene is a must so teeth should be brushed and the tongue cleaned regularly. The towel of the child should be clean and should not be touched by others in the family. The child should be given loose and comfortable clothes for wearing. This way the recovery will be fast and less cumbersome both for child and parents.