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Signs of Delayed Speech in ToddlersLate talking is common problem in children. Parents always want to know about common signs of speech delay in toddlers. It is usually caused by physical or development delays. Parents must contact pediatrician or expert pathologist in case their kids are unable to meet the language or communication milestones which involve understanding and communication of the language as well. The following signs are seen in kids to get it treated at the earliest:

Symptoms in one to two years of age toddler
  • Child at  age of twelve months is unable to communicate with physical gestures like waving or shaking head.
  • Showing inability to use at least two consonant sounds by twelve months.
  • Not  trying  to communicate when needs help by twelve months.
  • Unable to  understand and reply  to words like  “bye bye” and “no” at the age of fifteen months.
  • Not saying  “mama” or “dada” at  fifteen months.
  • Not using  one to three words at fifteen months.
  • Unable to  point to body parts on asking at sixteen months.
  • Unable to say at least six to 10 words on approaching eighteen months.
  • Not pointing out items of interest, like an airplane overhead by nineteen and twenty.
  • Unable to use at least  six consonant sounds B,C,D twenty months.
  • Not responding to simple one-step directions i.e. “give me the bat ” at twenty one months of age.
  • Does not engage in pretend play, such as playing with things like feeding dolls, etc.
Over 2-years old speech delay
  • If the toddler does not imitate actions or words at two years of age.
  • Unable to point to pictures in a book on asking on  approaching two years.
  • Show inability to  join two words together i.e. “Catch It ”.
  • Unable to understand the function of typical household things like telephone, broom, toothbrush etc.
  • Does not make  two-word simple sentences by twenty six months.
  • Unable to  name at least three body parts at the age of thirty months.
Speech and developmental delays in 3 to 4 year old kids
  • Unable to be understood by others by this pre school age of thirty six months.
  • If the child  does not ask questions.
  • Kids cannot understand or follow simple orders or instructions.
  • Unable to name most common household objects or things.
  • If child  cannot speak in short phrases.
  • Doesn’t  show any  interest in mixing  with other children.
  • Feeling of  difficulty in  separating from a parent or close ones.
  • Kids  have trouble  in adding final consonant sounds to words like cat.
  • If the child cannot sing familiar nursery rhymes or songs by thirty two months

If some of these signs or symptoms resemble with your child, don’t be panic and take the help of specialist doctor to save the toddler’s future as earliest possible.