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It is the duty of the parents to look after the children at all ages. The amount of time required and the type of training to be given to the child differs from child to child and for children of different ages. In case the mothers are not working it is easy to look after the children as they have sufficient time to spend with them. The problem arises where both the parents are working. When office hours are long and a lot of traveling time is involved, the problem gets aggravated. In such cases the child has to be left with someone or at some play school. Though these schools are well equipped with trained staff but there is always a feeling in the mind of the mother that she is neglecting her child, and the child may not develop properly.

With increased desire to work and earn money to fulfil household or personal needs often there is no option other than leaving the child and going for work. In such cases effort should be made to ensure that whatever possible time spent with the child is quality time, and both child and parents get maximum benefit from it.

It is essential to devote sufficient time and attention to the child on holidays. Make a routine and ensure to take the child for outing on your free day once a week. Take the child to some place of his interest, may be to the zoo or some children park and play with him as if you were a child. Never forget to buy the child something of his liking may be ice cream or some fast food item.

Once in a while buy the child a gift of his choice. The gift may be some new clothes or books or writing material depending upon age and liking. Include a dinner or a special treat when you go shopping. Tell the child to select the menu at the restaurant and also ask for his help in selecting articles for home while shopping. This will give child a sense of involvement.

If the child is old enough to understand explain the importance and advantages of work and money. This way the child will not feel unattached from parents. When at home even if you are tired after day’s work, never get irritated or try to ignore any question from child and show maximum interest. As far as possible have at least one meal together. It is good to associate the child with you in house hold work. While cooking food let the child make a choice of what he wants to eat and let the child help you in making food. All this will develop a sense of belonging and attachment between both of you.