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Toddler Stomach Ache RemediesStomach ache is a common problem in children. There are various causes of pain in toddlers. It is harmless most of the cases but should be taken seriously until it get completely cured. Like in case of appendicitis, it may be quite serious to get it checked by the doctor immediately. It may get chronic and immediate medical attention is required. It can affect the child with following symptoms like loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It can be treated at home taking home remedies.

Causes of stomach pain in toddlers

Stomach pain in children may be due to indigestion, chronic constipation, bacterial infections, feeling of regular vomiting,  gastroenteritis problem, overeating, infestation of worms, food allergies. Psychological problem, as reactions of different types of drugs, inappropriate food preservatives, eating candies and ice cream frequently, fizzy drinks, appendicitis, stress of studies on contentious sitting, heavy eating, treatment of epilepsy or malaria can also cause stomach ache in children.

Symptoms of tummy ache
  • Pain may be caused by formation gas in infants
  • Loss of appetite can indicate the problem
  • Nausea in infants
  • Diarrhea is another signs
  • Recurrent pain in the stomach
  • Pain with fever may be felt
  • Intermittent pain for more than twenty four hours
Toddler tummy ache remedies

The child can be made to take rest and heating pad or warm water bottle be placed on the stomach to get relief. Water should be drunk at regular interval in sips and avoid feeding for awhile. Let the child sit on the toilet to try to pass the stool to get relief.

The medicines may be avoided but in case of severity the doctor must be consulted for proper treatment. Avoid heavy or greasy food which can worsen the condition of the child. Give the child medicines after consulting the doctor in case the pain is accompanied with fever. Milk or dairy products may be avoided for a while to get relief.

Ginger ale, ice candy or gelatin desserts can be effective to make the child feel better. The home remedies can ease the stomach pain of child. Treat the child if poisonous things have been suspected to be taken by the child. The treatment of round worms may be given to cure the problem. Contaminated water must be avoided which may cause serious problem including the pain.

  • Avoid medicines without prescription
  • Contaminated water must be purified
  • Don’t force the child to eat without appetite
  • Take treatment of worms every year without fail to avoid the problem
  • Maintain hygienic conditions at home
  • To avoid constipation, maintain regular toiled habit of the child
  • Avoid over eating to keep digestion fit
  • Avoid excess candies ice cream or fizzy drinks
  • Greasy and heavy food, gas formation should be avoided
  • Take care of extra mental stress on the child in studies