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Stress is a universal phenomenon. It affects each and all at some point or the other in life. However, teenagers are more prone to stress owing to the transition phase that they are passing through. Teenage marks the changeover from childhood to maturity. Therefore, a teenager is almost sure to get stressed while at school, at home or in his social relationships.

Parents need to be knowledgeable as well as concerned so that they are able to mark and remedy the stressful situations that their child is bound to pass through. It’s very important because high levels of stress can cause serious mental, physical, emotional and psychological problems for your child.

If you feel that your child has developed a high level of negative thinking or is not able to concentrate on his studies, it’s a cause for grave concern. Similarly, irritability, sense of isolation or nothingness, unhappiness etc. also indicate that your child is passing through stressful situations that are getting beyond his control.

Certain physical symptoms like indigestion, aches, dizziness, frequent fever, fast heartbeat etc. also indicate presence of stress. If your child has suddenly altered his eating habits, is not able to have a sound sleep, desists from shouldering any kind of responsibility, is nervous in his behavior (has started nail biting, cannot face a group of people etc.) and has taken to alcohol/drug consumption, you should take it as a danger bell as far as the health and future life of your child are concerned.

The first step is to talk to your child in a very calm, passionate and concerned way. Don’t take resort to anger or beating if you find your child is in the habit of taking drugs or has indulged in some kind of unhealthy sexual practices. Aggressive behavior from your side can worsen the matter. You must also understand that if the situation tends to get worse, your child will be at the risk of developing serious problems like severe depression and heart ailments.

Try to find out what is he passing through. The problem may be of some kind of discrimination/bullying at school or in the friend circle. It can also be a case of unrequited love/infatuation, it may be the case of some kind of wrong notions that have overpowered your child’s mind or it may be some biological problem. Whatever the case, proper communication is the key to find out and cure the stressful condition of your child.

Go with him for an outing daily or indulge in some kind of outdoor games and activities. Take the help of music. Comforting music has many healing properties and is particularly useful in cases of stress and depression. Meditation is also a solution and so is yoga. If you feel that you are not able to make your child understand and behave in the correct way, you should at once opt for the services of a competent and certified behavioral consultant.