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Enlarged or Swollen Adenoids Symptoms in ChildrenAdenoids are lumpy clusters of spongy tissue  that  protect  children from getting sick. These are placed on each side of throat behind nose and roof of the mouth. Tonsils are seen easily in mirror by opening the mouth but adenoids can not be seen. A doctor with his special scope can see adenoids. Adenoids help body to trap harmful bacteria and viruses while breathing. Adenoids contain cells that produce antibodies to fight infection in the body of child. These become less after child get older or shrink after age of five and disappear in teenage.


Adenoids trap germs and stop them to enter into the body of child but get temporarily swelling while fighting infection. Bacteria attacks infect adenoids and medication needs to treat them also. Both adenoids and tonsils get swollen or enlarged to make it difficult for child to breathe properly. These give trouble of sore throat and swallowing foods. Ear problems get worsened as side effects of these. Snoring creates trouble in getting good night sleep. Child breathes through mouth because of stuffy nose.

Symptoms of enlarged adenoids in children

Children with sore or enlarged tonsils and adenoids feel soreness in throat or pain in swallowing foods. Adenoids disturb the voice of child into pinched nose quality voice by changing the shape of palate and position of teeth. The condition of child get worsens on recurring sinus infections and nosebleeds. Child may stop breathing during sleep for brief periods. Oxygen levels in blood getting low to make child to wake up frequently or remain sleepy during day time. This result in loss of weight or lack of weight gain. Heart rate get slow and high blood pressure is experienced by child. Chronic infections of ear may cause hearing loss in child.


Doctor prescribes antibiotics to root out bacterial infections. Surgical removal of tonsils and adenoids is conducted after finding ineffectiveness of antibiotics on child. These operations on children are very common in United States. These operations are conducted on kids who are having obstructive sleep apnea, extreme difficulties in breathing and talking, multiple throat infections, middle ear infection in children, recurring nasal congestion and sinus infections. Complication rate of these surgical operations are very low and should be conducted after three weeks of infection getting cleared.

Honey is very effective home remedy and swallow one tablespoon of it to treat adenoids properly. Black pepper or lemon juice drops are added to cure infected adenoids. A mixed juice of spinach and carrot is equally effective. Water with orange juice mixture is also very useful. Homeopathic treatment is also effective.

Treatment of sore throat at the right times to prevent overgrowth of adenoids. Try to avoid other children with acute respiratory problem to reduce the spread of these illnesses.

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