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ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder is a problem with the children as a result of which they are unable to behave in a manner as the children of their age do. They have problem in reading, learning or even movement as a result of hyperactivity. The first to find out about the problem with the child is the parents or the teacher. If the child is failing in a class again and again or is unable to learn the lesson properly this should ring alarm bells for the parents or teachers. They should try to probe further to find existence of symptoms common for ADD patients and to take consequent remedial action.

The signs and symptoms of ADD can be and includes the following:

Behaviour of the child is the first symptom. If the child is stressed and is unable to concentrate, this should be an indication for further probe. It is not that stressed child is always suffering from ADD. The child may be stressed due to some other reason like non adjustment in school with fellow students and teachers, or atmosphere at home, but this needs probe and the cause of stress should be removed. Another reason for the behaviour problem could be that the child is suffering from some allergic reaction. This needs to be probed fully, if there is no allergic problem with the child then look for further symptoms.

If the child depicts quite a few problems mentioned here under which last for say six months, evaluation is necessary.

You can have observation test for ADD in your child:

  • Careless and unable to pay attention to studies or even games or other games related activity
  • Not able to follow clear instructions given to him
  • Unable to understand reasoning or do some work in which reasoning or organisation is involved
  • Unable to clearly distinguish or confuses between words or numbers or objects and easily gets distracted by the slightest sound or disturbance
  • Unable to keep control or track of his things of daily use
  • Gets angry unnecessarily and easily, without any genuine reason
  • Unable to walk straight or on a particular path or complaints of some continuous physical problem

Then further probe is called for. For evaluation the experts have devised certain check lists available with schools. After evaluation a specialist needs to be consulted and the child treated accordingly.

Sometimes parents feel scared of further consultations or do not want their child to undergo separate specialised education or medication. They should understand that this is necessary for the long term development of the child. There are various treatments and remedies for ADD are available to control and completely cure this problem.