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Child is the most loved gift the parents get. The moment the child is conceived the parents start making plans for his future. Often parents start keeping aside funds to cover the expenses for bringing up the child and for child’s education. When the parents come to know that their child is suffering from a learning disability they get a rude shock and take time to come to the terms and accept the fact.

It becomes the duty of the parents to tell the child about the problem he or she suffers from. For this it is very essential that the parents should behave in a normal manner before the child. The parents should study the material available and fully understand the problem faced by their child so that they can discuss it with him and answer questions the child may have.

It often happens that the parents of such a child start behaving in an awkward manner as they are unable to find words to tell the child and adopt a grim attitude. This is not the correct approach. The parents should have a positive approach towards the problem faced by their child. Learning disability is not such a problem as a result of which the child becomes wholly helpless, there are ways and means to overcome this. The only thing is that the child requires special treatment, and the parents need to be dedicated to the child all the time.

The moment the parents come to know of the problem faced by their child, they should sit down with the child and try to explain to him as clearly as possible the deficiency in him. All his questions should be answered as clearly as possible by the parents themselves or the help of a counsellor can be taken. The child should be assured that it is not impossible to overcome this, and quite a few world known figures including sportspersons and leaders have suffered from this problem and still achieved the greatest heights.

Once the child is made aware of the problem the parents should ensure that the proper arrangement is made for his education and sports so that he remains physically fit. If there is some school nearby for children with learning disability, he should be admitted there. Often parents go in for education at home.

The parents should adopt reward policy for the child. The reward should be instantaneous and given the moment the child does something to provide maximum encouragement. Special care should be taken that the child gets sufficient opportunity to play and participate in games. If he is able to do well it will give immense encouragement. Also the child will remain physically fit and will be able to face the challenge in a better manner.