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Nature is very amazing and beautiful. Whenever we are in the lap of nature, we get peace as well as inspiration. Nature refreshes us and encourages us to do well in life. As a responsible parent, the best gift you can give to your child is to introduce him to varied aspects of nature. Children are very imaginative. They imagine various pictures when they see clouds and shadows. Trees, birds, animals, rain, sun, and moon, everything gives them immense pleasure.

It is a very sad fact that we tend to sacrifice beauty of nature for material advancement. Technological advancement without any safeguards has caused global warming. Climate is changing day by day. Many precious spices have disappeared from earth. It is our responsibility to save our environment for our children.

But the heartbreaking part of the story is that we don’t have time. We are not as aware about nature. It is up to us to protect environment for future generations and teach our children about its preservation. You can start training of your child about the environment right from his childhood.

  • Purchase some gardening play tools for your child. Buy some plants and grow them in your home and teach your child about the care of plants.
  • You should also teach your child that going green does not mean only planting trees or plants. It also means the efforts to reduce the over exploitation of natural resources like water, trees etc.
  • You should train your child to minimize the use of those products, which are made of the skin of animals. Educate him about the saving of water and electricity.
  • Parents are the role models of children. If you switch off the light when you leave the room, your child will automatically learn the same. Guide him not to waste water, food and paper.
  • You should also teach them to dispose off the waste materials in a better way. Advise them not to use poly bags for carrying products. Plastic products are harmful for the health of children. Schools can also play a positive role in the protection of environment.
  • Schools can teach children how to recycle waste material like plastic containers, cardboard boxes, batteries etc. by giving some assignment to students. This also generates resourcefulness in children.
  • Walking and cycling should be encouraged as it is a good exercise and also helps in saving fuel.
  • Teachers can also encourage students to use public transport. This will help the green world project and make your child an environment friendly citizen.
  • Use eco-friendly equipments and products for your child. Organic and biodegradable mattresses are best and comfortable choice for your child. They can be easily recycled too. This helps in creating a neat and clean environment around your child and also reduces the likelihood of allergies.
  • Use of organic sheets, mattresses pad, and mattresses is desired. Your child will definitely appreciate and emulate your efforts.