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When it comes to bringing up your children, personal hygiene generally comes first because of its prime importance. You would always like to see your children neat and clean for that way they would also be physically healthy and mentally sound. Wise men say that cleanliness begins from your home which holds true in every respect. Unless you are hygienic you will never be able to inculcate the same habit in your little ones.

To start with make sure you start cultivating the habit in your children from the very beginning so that they always know the importance of staying clean. Start oral hygiene habits feel like fun so that your children enjoy it more than taking it as a punishment.

Helping them learn to brush their teeth is a very good habit. Teach them that keeping the teeth away from germs and infection is necessary for their long and healthy life. Make it a point to have them brush them morning and evening so that there is no way they could get infected.

Bathing is yet another important habit which cannot be done without. Teach them to enjoy their bubble baths while cleaning themselves up in the bargain. Make every habit fun filled for them so that it isn’t very difficult to pick it up.

Washing hands with soap before meal time or eating anything is a very important habit for children, which keep them away from any infection.

Make sure their hair and nails are properly cut whenever required so that they look and feel healthy all the time.

Make it a point to tell them the importance of changing clothes and shoes so that they don’t keep wearing grimy ones.

Teaching your children all good things in life is a boon and don’t deprive them of this wonderful feeling. Let them learn while they grow so that their tomorrow turns out to be better and proper. Hygiene is of utmost significance and don’t take it lightly when your children stay dirty and grimy. Take it as a challenge to make them learn to live a better life ahead.