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Electronic devices are mostly run on electricity. These are a source of entertainment to the whole family. If not handled properly, they can produce fatal results. Where there are children in home, parents have to be extra cautious while placing electronic gadgets.

The ways the children have to be taught how to handle these depend upon the type of gadget and the age of the child. Generally in every house, in addition to electrical equipment like fridge, AC, microwave, washing machine etc., you will find a CD or DVD player, and a computer which attract the children most. These can be dangerous if not handled properly.

A child, say less than two years of age, will not touch them when told that it is HOT, as mostly children are afraid of hot things. However, when the child grows up the same theory will not work. When a child starts understanding it is better if the parents try to explain to the child repeatedly as to how these gadgets should be handled. The child should be told that he can handle these things in the presence of the parents. The electric switch has to be operated by the parents and not the child.

The child should be made aware about the effect of water on gadgets working with electricity. As a rule eatables and liquids should not be allowed near a CD player or a computer. It is essential that proper and sensitive circuit breakers should be got installed on the electric mains. These will trip off if there is short circuit and the child can be saved from electric shock.

The next important thing is the computer. It is essential for parents who have children in pre teens or in teens to be very careful about the use of computer especially internet. The internet can be used to search useful information. However, it can be a cause of concern if the child starts searching some undesirable porno sites or falls prey to internet predators.

First of all the computer should not be placed in the child’s bedroom but in the living area frequented by the whole family. Next, the computer should be protected by a password and the child should request the parents to provide access. A large number of computer softwares are available in the market by which you can block access to a particular type of site prohibited for the children.

Above all counselling of the child is essential. Parents should not hesitate to discuss good and bad aspect of everything with the child.