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Down Syndrome is one of the commonest mental ailments that numerous children suffer from in the world. It will be not incorrect if a figure of one or two in a bunch of 700-800 children is given out stating the average number of children suffering from this sort of a mental retardation. In case of the ‘Down Syndrome’ the learning, growing, thinking and reacting ability suffers a great deal due to which the general level of understanding in case of a child gets hampered completely making him mentally dependable on the rest. In such cases great care has to be taken right from the beginning.

As a matter of fact Down Syndrome happens to be a genetic ailment, due to which mentally a child gets retarded owing to dependency on the members of the family for a whole lot of time ahead in life. But there are various new ways of looking at the Down Syndrome  where  you could even sit and teach your child the little things of his interest so as to make life not just a punishment for him.

Something that goes without saying are the characteristic features of the Down Syndrome where in the patient has a peculiar looking face with his tongue dropping out, eyes slanting towards either direction and the head tilted a little. Their facial expressions are flat and they also have a small head as compared to the normal. This is why they look very different from the rest of the normal children. These are the basic symptoms seen in kids.

Teaching the children with such a mental ailment is a little tough but not impossible. That is why they say it is a tough challenge to deal with children with this genetic problem but when you know how you have to go about it all, there is no looking back at all. The inclusion technique where in the child suffering from Down Syndrome is taken to a class full of children and made to interact with the all,  just like normal children do, really helps a great deal to boost their morale and make them mentally alert and awake.

Appearance is yet another segment, which makes a child suffering from the Down Syndrome feel better or worse, depending upon how he looks at the end of the day. It is human psychologies that when a person thinks he or she doesn’t really look too good, he or she doesn’t feel well too.  On the contrary, when someone feels the opposite, that is, if someone feels he looks good, the confidence automatically shows. Hence work on the physical aspect to make them feel better and normal just like the rest.

It is never too late to start teaching a child suffering from the Down Syndrome. So what are you waiting for?