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learning bicycle riding by kidsParenting could be fun in many ways. It bonds you with your children making you come close to them in every possible respect. When it comes to teaching them new things in life, it helps build your level of patience too. Whether it is watching them walk holding the furniture around the house as babies or as easy as teaching them how to ride a bicycle when they grow up a little, it only brings joy to your heart and soul to be playing a role so special.

Decide when you wish to invest in a bicycle as age does matter. Don’t buy the item if your child is too small for it, as it may hurt him making him scared of it in the beginning. Once the age is decided you could check out its availability in the stores around and purchase it whenever need be.

Find out if your child has a good body balance before buying him a bicycle. Make sure that he is using it under observation and not on his own like in many cases. Incase you think he can get started with the early lessons try teaching him how to sit on it before riding the same. See that his feet touch the ground making it easy for him to pick up riding a bicycle sooner. It makes a lot of difference if your little one is tall enough to stand holding the bicycle all by him self.

You could attach the support wheels for him to begin learning to ride his bicycle easily for this way his confidence would be boosted and very soon he would ride it without the support wheels. Helmet should also be used by the child while learning the bicycle riding. Always stand by him and cheer him up for every little turn that he takes while riding the same so that he feels stronger about himself and learns quicker.

Supervision is a must. Do not leave your child alone on the road to learn something like riding a bicycle for it may turn out to be very hazardous. Make sure you are there to watch him all the time as most of the time the roads are busy giving way to accidents within no time. Also, your presence will make your child feel special and important too helping him pick up anything faster. It builds their morale to see the interest that their elders take in their life.

Once you are sure that he can ride a bicycle confidently with the support wheels, you must remove them and make him learn to ride in their absence. This may take sometime if his body balance isn’t very helpful, but with practice he will soon be riding his bicycle on a busy road like the rest, although it is not recommended to allow him to ride on a busy road immediately after learning, as a beginner is always prone to accidents of all sorts.

Practice makes a man perfect and the same goes for your child too. After learning how to ride without the support wheels, you could go out with him on the road and help him learn the traffic rules too. But be sure of cautioning him each time he goes out so that he remains in his shoes and cycles like a good obedient boy unlike many who refuse to listen to their parents and end up getting hurt badly.

Parents always love to be a part of their child’s life. This is one of the many ways of showing them they care. Teaching things like riding a bicycle never fail to bring them close to each other. So happy bonding with your child!