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When a baby is about to arrive there is lot of excitement amongst all members of the family. Each member wants to contribute his bit to welcome the new guest. It is necessary that a thorough discussion is held between you, your husband and senior members of the family if available at your home. A list of things to be done for at least six months after the birth of the child should be made out. Once the list is ready full preparation should be made well in advance to avoid running around to the store when the baby is home.

The first and most important is making the newborn baby’s room ready. This room should be got painted well in advance so that the fumes of the paint vanish by the time baby is home. Paint used should be free of harmful chemicals like arsenic etc. For the first few months the baby will be mostly sleeping after feed. However slowly he will start playing while lying down when someone talks to him. You need a comfortable cradle or a baby basket and nice bedding. You will have to make arrangement for quite a few sheets and more than one mattress and blanket. Even if the child is to sleep with the mother for a few days, these will be needed.

The next requirement is quite a few set of clothes for the newborn. The clothes should be preferably made of cotton free from harmful colors and chemicals. These should not be tight and should be easy to change with wide opening for head and arms. Depending upon the weather you may need a few light pullovers or sweaters. Frequent diaper change will be necessary so adequate stock should be purchased before the baby is back home from hospital.

If it is cold outside, care should be taken to keep the baby at a normal bearable temperature for a few months. In this case arrange for a heater. Hot air blower should be avoided as this dries the atmosphere inside the room sometimes resulting in breathing problem. Oil filled reflector type heaters are said to be best.

Then you need a full set of toilet items namely soap, shampoo, powder, cream and hair brush etc. Remember to buy only high quality items specially recommended for babies as the skin of the baby is very delicate and can get rashes very quickly if exposed to chemicals. These should be kept separate and should not be used by any other member, not even by other children.

Next important requirement is arrangement of night light in the room as for a few months the mother will have to get up very often for feed and to change the diapers.

Slowly as the child will grow more things will be needed. By this time you will be able to move out with the baby and buy necessities as and when required.