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breastfeeding publicMotherhood is virtually incomplete without the joyous practice of nursing the little one. Every mother enjoys and has been enjoying the practice for centuries without a doubt. Nursing a child is healthier as compared to bottle feeding him. A huge number of women are hesitant to breast feed their children in public only because they feel awkward or shy doing so. And that’s exactly why many begin bottle feeding their little ones way too early in time which is something that shouldn’t be done. Breast feed gives the required nourishment to the babies which isn’t possible in cases of the top feed at all.

Clothing always makes a difference when it comes to feeding mothers. They must make sure they wear the right attire while feeding their child so as to be comfortable and respectable both at the same time. Comfort automatically comes when one is feeding in the privacy of their home but respect gets endangered when they have to do the same in the open especially, when they are not properly dressed for the purpose. Hence wear a front buttoned shirt with something to cover while feeding the little one so as so maintain your respect even when in public.

Pullovers or front buttoned tops are very comfortable when thinking of feeding little ones out in the open. All you need to do is open the buttons and help the baby suck while covering yourself with a drape so that you are not exposing your self to the outsiders.

In case you need more covers to feed your child outside in public, carry some baby blankets to be comfy under. Keep your cool and cover yourself with the blanket each time you have to feed the baby. Do not panic when faced with such situations to understand that there are some things that you just cant do without. So stay under cover and feed happily.

Mentally prepare yourself to be smart enough to face the public now that you have a responsibility to take care of. Do not be over shy or inhibited by the onlookers for that will make you weak and negative. So understand that the world has always been this way and that you have to feed your child whether in public or at home depending upon his feeding time. So be strong and mentally organize your self to be able to handle such a situation.

Look for corners when in public so that you could sit facing a wall while feeding your child for some privacy. If ever you have to feed your little one out in the open please do not panic one bit. Instead try locating the safe zones for your privacy and comfort and if you locate any just plant yourself right there and help your little one drink his bit. The whole idea is to find solutions which are good for you and your baby’s health rather than resorting to bottle feed at a early age.

Maintain your body’s hygiene while feeding your baby for that is of utmost importance. Cleaning yourself each time you feed, your baby keep all the germs at bay saving your little one from a lot of illnesses in the deal. Stay clean and keep your baby safe for that’s what matters at the end of the day.

Besides, this is the best part of motherhood and instead of hating it one must make an effort to enjoy the stage. Keep your calm and help the baby get the right nourishment. Find solutions rather than resorting to easier methods of bottle or top feeding. Slings also help in this respect but one must practice using them often to attain proficiency.