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Books are the best friends for everyone but the importance of a book gets doubled when we are concerned about giving the right direction to the life of our loved ones. A book is valuable for the mental growth of your child. Good and inspiring books not only enhance the cognitive abilities of a child but also spur his emotional, social, moral and spiritual growth.

It is very difficult to select a book to gift to your child because children usually don’t like to read books. They love games and toys. So if you are going to plan a book you should keep certain thinks in mind. First is the age of your child. If your child is in the 4-8 year age group, you can gift him picture books. If he is of the 8-10 age group, storybooks of gallantry can serve as a magnet for his curiosity. If your child is in the teen age you should gift him a book of motivational stories, which also contain emotional aspects related to his age.  The context of the book should appeal to a child’s mind.

The title page of the book should be attractive and colorful. You should also peep into the introductory page and the content page before buying a book for your champ. Don’t buy a book by looking at just the cover page. You should also keep in mind the author of the book. Maybe your child is fond of some particular author. Have a preference to buy book of such authors.

You should also spare some time to read the abstract of the book. It will give you an idea about the theme of the book, quality of content, and language of the book. Don’t buy books of hard language because if your child needs a dictionary to understand the language of the story it will become too dull an activity for him. The language should also not be too easy.

You should flip through the book. The font size of the letters should be of moderate size. Spacing of the pages should be harmonious in nature. If the size and spacing is good, the book will without doubt be systematic in nature and will compel your child to read it thoroughly. You should also check the pictures of the book. These should be pleasant and ideal.

But you should keep in mind that the subjective appeal of the book should not depend upon your choice. Children should be encouraged to enjoy reading and you can only do this by buying books that satisfy the psychology of kids. If your child is good in sports and you are buying books of history for him, these books will not at all be beneficial.  You can surely gift him books of different tastes occasionally.

Books play a healthy role in deciding the future of a child. Gift him books of that field in which you want to see him on the peak.