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cheap kids birthday partyThe word birthday has always been synonymous with celebration for the sheer reason that there could be no way one could enjoy the former in the absence of the latter. However, throwing overgenerous bashes causing money to be spent through the nose is definitely not a sensible decision sometimes, especially when talking of the little ones, who most of the times are not even aware of whatever is happening around them. The only thing that matters to their eyes is a mouth watering cake and a room decorated with colorful balloons and streamers.

Invitation without cards: Try circulating home made invitation cards for an out of the ordinary experience. Using your imagination for designing incredible cards at home is always a better idea than buying the regular ones from the market. You could also try the email for a faster and a cheaper delivery. With the internet catching up, it is also wiser to use the “paint brush software” on the computer for the same.

Party at home: While selecting a venue for the event, avoid going overboard. Instead organize it on your terrace or on the lush green lawn outside your house for something called the “personal touch”, which is lacking in many lately.

Use own cooking skills: Bake your own special cake with nuts and cherries like never before. It’ll give you immense pleasure to have your recipe laid on the table for such an occasion where so many would gather and praise your hard work. Try preparing the evening snacks at home too. Home made food is always better than what you get in the restaurants and hotels outside, however high-quality they may be.

Shoot videos or stills yourself: Do not hire a professional photographer or a high-class location to make all the difference. In fact parties that were enjoyed by the natives in the past are slowly picking pitch everywhere. You could use your personal camera for the purpose and do a better job than what you’d get by paying someone.

Party games: Abstain from having a posh activity for fun. You don’t have to hire a clown or a teddy to jump around the kids and scare the hell out of them like in several cases. Instead you could choose to organize a “musical chair” or a “statue dance” for everyone, like it was done in the past. Children will love such games adding fun and adventure to the occasion. Playoffs like “tail the donkey” are still enjoyed in younger circles. This way you could have the guests freak out to the fullest while also going slow on your pockets at the same time.

Return gifts: Visit the buy one get one free stores for well designed return gifts. Some of the stores in the market these days, like the dollar store, are reasonably good. You could explore them and fetch the best looking items pertaining to the age group that’s attending the function as their return gifts. With the huge variety of things that are available in the markets, buying economical gifts is never a hassle.

There could be a thousand ways to celebrate and rejoice economically. All you need to do is, use your imagination and get started. It will only make you happy at the end of the day!