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The bathroom is a place in the home where, if proper care is not taken, the chances of accident or injury are maximum. Often the bathroom is used to store medicines or scissors or razor sets. In a home where there are small kids it is essential that the parents should ensure not to keep these things in the open in bathroom. If these are required to be stored, they should be kept in secure box or cupboard placed high and beyond the reach of the children.

The bathroom and bath tub is a place where water is spilled and they remain wet. There are maximum chances of slipping at these places. Slipping on water can be a cause of injury. When your child is in the bath tub never leave him or her alone to attend to a phone call or a knock at the door. Even if someone rings the door bell or there is a phone call, do not leave the child alone especially when the bath tub is filled with water.

Water heater or geyser can be another cause of injury to your child. Hot water from geyser is often made available in all tap sets in bathroom. Properly explain to your child as to which tap supplies hot water and which tap supplies cold water. The child should be discouraged from opening hot water tap as exposure to hot water may be damaging to the child. If possible set the thermostat of the water heater at a moderate temperature so that even if the child opens the hot water tap accidently it may not be harmful to him.

The most dangerous thing in the bathroom is presence of both water and electricity. The child may use wet hands to switch on a light resulting in electric shock. It is better if the switch board is fitted at a height so that it is beyond the reach of the child. It is essential to get short circuit cut off switches of a good make installed at the electric supply mains, these will help cut off power supply in case of an accident but the best thing is never leave the child alone and unattended.

Parents should ensure to place a mat on the floor of the bathroom to avoid slipping. Non slippery floor tiles should be used for the bathroom floor. A rope can be used in place of shower curtain rods as this will ensure that the child will not get injured due to fall of rod even in case of accidental pulling of shower curtains by the child, while coming out of the tub or changing clothes.

Despite all precautions the best option is to ensure that the child is regularly watched while in the bathroom.