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A visit to an amusement park is always looked forward to by both adults and children. Both anticipate the visit with much pleasure and get excited planning what all they will do once there. Amusement parks get so many visitors especially during the vacations and thousands may visit it on a single day, making it a very crowded place. All the merriment can vanish in a second if a child gets lost or separated from the parents in such a huge crowd, so it is important to instil in your child certain safety measures that both of you must plan ahead, before visiting an amusement park.

Explain to the child that under no circumstance should he trust or go anywhere with any person save you. Avoid any visible name tags on bags the child may be carrying or on clothes, which would make it simple for any bad intentioned person to act familiar with your child, and mislead him.

At home, before the visit, pin a tag inside the pocket of the child. It should have the name of the child, your name and telephone number and the address of the place you are staying. Point out the security personnel at the park and instruct your child to go to them and show them that tag in case he gets separated from you or requires help. Carry a photograph of your child with you so if the worst happens it can help to identify the child. Note what clothes your child is wearing so that, if needed, you are able to describe them quickly to the security staff. This will help in quick location of the missing child.

Once at the park, select a prominent place and tell the child that in case he gets separated, that is the place where he should reach and you will also look for him there. It may be a tall statue or colourful cut out but it should be easy to approach and visible from all over the park.

Do not let the child out of your sight to buy snacks and accompany him to the rest room. If he goes for a ride alone, keep an eye on him till he is buckled in his seat and impress upon him that he must wait for you at the exit, and not wander off anywhere or go with anyone else. Follow the safety precautions for all rides in respect of height, weight and age.

The whole family should try to remain hydrated and drink plenty of water and juices. These may be carried in a small bag from home to minimise cost as you will be spending almost the entire day out doors. Some easy to carry snacks can also be taken. Buy only good quality food from the shops at the park to avoid stale and unhygienic food. Small children should be allowed to rest at intervals as they will do a lot of running around in their excitement and will get tired. This should be done by sitting in the shade to avoid sunburn.

These precautions will ensure a safe and memorable visit to the amusement park which will be remembered with joy for a long time.