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Crying is birth right of babies. Crying is not any unusual thing for them. They cry to communicate their demand to you. They are hungry, they cry, bottom is wet they cry, any problem they cry, even they are sleepy they cry. By practice mother or a regular caregiver can understand why the baby is crying.

Sometimes an overtired baby cries continuously. The baby can’t understand how to calm himself down and get sleep. And in the effort to communicate his restlessness to you he cries even more.

This is the mother or the caregiver who should know how to get an overtired baby sleep. To help them here are some tips:

Singing a lullaby to get baby sleep is a very common and old practice, but singing works only when you have a good voice. If your voice is not too good to sing, it will effect adversely. Simply humming slowly with cuddling will do better. Some babies are comforted by motion, being walked slowly back and forth in the room with slow humming sound, makes the baby sleep. You can play a music or song in low volume.

Create a soothing atmosphere of the room. It should be clean and shouldn’t be overcrowded of goods like furniture, electrical or electronic appliances or too many people talking in the room. It will create a suffocating surrounding. Put the curtains down to avoid broad day light. According to the weather keep the temperature of the room a little cooler or a little warmer. Put on light colored cotton and comfortable cloths. If necessary, use mosquito net. If playing any music system, keep sound level low.

Babies feel comfortable in swaddles. Keep them in swaddle. But few babies don’t feel free in swaddles and cry then don’t keep in swaddle.

Give the baby a bath of a little warm water, but not early in the morning. After bath a gentle massage of a baby oil sooths an overtired baby and makes him/her sleep soon. After taking bath and massage babies take a good sleep during day hour.

Often babies feel comfortable in cradles, so use cradle.

Overtired babies couldn’t calm themselves down. Give a soft toy to focus on. Concentrating their attention on it, they will fell asleep.

There is not a single formula to get baby sleep. In spite of getting frustrated, enjoy the infancy of the baby and try to know how baby feels comfortable.