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traveling with kids babyTravelling with kids can be fun provided is planned appropriately and all the arrangements are made beforehand. Here are a few tips for a happy holiday out with kids

Holiday spot: Holiday spot chosen should where every member of the family would have fun. It need not always be a top holiday destination but could be like visiting cousins, friends etc. The idea is to ensure that nobody is bored.

Plan activities according to kids’ age: Kids don’t really enjoy long sight seeing tours or standing in long queues or too much of lights and sound. So if babies are going on the trip, its best to chose some activities that less noisy but enjoyable to them like wading in the pool etc.

Safety should be on priority: Ensure that kids are in the safe zone when in holidays especially places which have pools. Lots of accidents happen with children falling into the pool due to parent’s negligence. All adequate supplies of sun screens, hats and clothes to cover up the body protect from the sun should be carried. While on long trips, special attention should be given to ensure the child is belted properly in the car seat.

Plan for an overnight trip: If going with small babies on overnight trip, it needs some extra efforts on security, packing stuffs for the baby accordingly.

Make list of advance packing: It’s a good idea to make a list of what is required and pack in advance to avoid anything important being left behind.

Contingency measures: It’s always better to have extra supplies of diapers and milk powder for the baby. The same brand may not available in all the places.

Minimum stress: There is no fun in packing holidays with lots of stuffs to do. They should be relaxed to really it. Due regards should be given to sleep and relaxation.

Accommodation preferably in kids’ friendly hotel: It’s better to stay in kids friendly hotels as they don’t charge for the kids also provide free meals or buffet access to young kids and also have play areas in them.

Surprise bag for toddlers: Everybody loves surprises, so do toddlers. It’s a good idea to carry a bag with toy or book which could interest the kids. Sometimes, they might through tantrums due to various reasons. This kind of surprise would able to calm them down.

Carry lots of food and drinks: The grown up may able to resist hunger but not kids. They start throwing tantrums and would enjoy the holidays. So it’s best to carry lot of food and drinks along. If the baby is on milk, then breast or formula must be carried too.

Flexibility: While going with kids, it may not be possible to do everything that has been planned. There should be always room for flexibility, only then it would be enjoyable holiday.