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Many parents are confused about their baby’s natural bowel movements. Some babies have only one move per day or once every few days. On the basis of medical professionals, this is perfectly normal. Without the right drugs or consult with a pediatrician, many parents come to the conclusion of their child is constipated.

Baby Constipation Symptoms
  • There may be soiling between bowel movements or a large stool leakage around.
  • Blood coming with the stool.
  • The passage of hard and sometimes painful stools. Grunting and effort is normal in babies and is often confused with constipation.
  • Stomach pain relief after a large bowel movement. It is usually difficult to determine with babies.
How to relieve Infant Constipation ( Over 6-months) at home ?
  • Continue the breastfeeding to the baby. This is good for below 6-months old babies as well.
  • If your baby more than six months old, you can give him/her little more fruits and vegetables.
  • Try to give your baby more water, either in a bottle or sippy cup. Increase foods in liquid form.
  • Increase your child’s activities.
  • You can add a teaspoon of All Bran with baby cereal, it should be softened with mother’s breast milk.
  • An ounce prune juice mixed with two grams of water once a day. Don’t give it to more than once a day.
  • Never give Laxatives, Mineral oil, Suppositories or Enemas to the babies without consulting the doctor.
  • Check or a visit to your Pediatrician if you don’t see any improvements in baby constipation.
Parents Should Remember
  • It is unusual but not impossible to prevent constipation in breast-fed babies.
  • Babies fed formula not more likely to become constipated.
  • Babies iron fortified formula drink may also cause constipation sometimes.