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If your child is suffering from eye related problem, it is essential that he should be taken to a specialist dealing with problems of eyes. At the clinic the child will be examined for different problems he may have. One of the most common problems faced by children is improper level of eyesight. The child may be short sighted or long sighted, depending upon this test corrective action will be needed and eye glasses prescribed. As a result of this type of problem the child is unable to study properly and often complains of headache. When it has been detected that vision problem exists, it has to be corrected by putting on glasses.

There were time when wearing glasses by a child was not considered appropriate. Both parents and the child displayed a psychological reaction as the child in school looked different from the peers. However with enlightenment and better learning, the mothers have realised that wearing eye glasses by the child is not a drawback, but is corrective step much needed by the child.

Here are some simple ways which will help the child overcome the complex, if any, he has and will regularly wear glasses:

The child should be explained about the benefits of wearing glasses regularly. He should be informed that this way his eyesight would not deteriorate further. Also with glasses he will be comfortable in studies. It will be easy to read whatever is written on the blackboard and will feel comfortable reading books, and will not have headache.

If there are some other children living in houses around or some relatives of the child who wear glasses, introduce the child to them and ask them to tell the child of the comfort they have while wearing glasses. You may be able to find some celebrities liked by the child who wear glasses. Tell the child about them and if possible get some photographs of these people for the child.

Do not select the frame yourself. Let the child decide about the frame he would like to wear. Let the child start wearing glasses by persuasion, never get angry. Whenever the child wants to watch TV tell him that he can watch only after wearing glasses. There may be resistance in the beginning but slowly the child will feel comfortable watching it when wearing glasses as there will be lesser amount of strain. Slowly the child will develop the habit and will start enjoying wearing glasses.

These days unbreakable frames and glasses are available in the market. Buy these for your child as in case of fall these will not cause injury to him. Always try to have a duplicate set of eye glasses available at home.