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As a baby your child is completely dependant upon his parents for all his daily activities. Ranging from eating to sleeping, everything is taken care of by his parents. Even for his daily intake of food all he needs to do is cry or in other cases, simply wait for the right time and the job is all done automatically.

But when he grows a little, his food habits need to some kind of an enhancement. As parents you need to make sure he starts upgrading the kind of food that he eats so as to get the required nourishment for a better and a healthier growth. Mere drinking milk or taking a little custard doesn’t help. He needs to start living on finger foods too to grow into a hale and hearty child.

Finger foods are the best way to begin teaching your toddler how to eat food on his own. This way he would also learn to balance his hand and mouth coordination for him to be able to eat better and neater. Make sure you give him the health food of his liking and ask him to eat on his own. Once trained and taught he would begin placing the food straight in his mouth making the activity more fun-filled.

Before starting the finger foods to your little toddler, decide what you want him to eat. Visit your doctor and read the right books so that you know the Dos and Don’ts of the game. First and foremost make sure that the foods that you give your child are all healthy and not junk. For instance, chopped vegetables like carrot and radish which are of various sizes and colors making eating full of enjoyment. Fruits too could be given provided your presence is there all the time. Don’t leave him alone while he is eating for that could pose a major threat to his life even. Be very careful of such things and make sure that you are in front of him while he is enjoying his finger foods.

Give your kid bread with butter which he would enjoy eating. You could even try smearing jam on the slice for a change of taste. The more tastes you give him to experience the better it will be for developing his taste buds.

Try getting him a dining chair and a fancy plate and spoon to make eating a pleasurable happening. Make him pasta or toast him a slice of garlic bread with some cheese. He will love eating when you make the activity interesting for him. But never leave him alone while he is having his food. It might even choke him to death without your knowing leaving your helpless and depressed for the rest of your life.