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Due to non-development of reasoning skill, toddlers have to be disciplined with a positive explanation. Often they are unable to understand logic of what they are being told. Take the case of a movie in which the mother is trying to explain the child not to put the screw in the mouth as it is not of good taste and the child swallows the screw. When a child is doing wrong thing, first of all it is necessary to stop him from doing a particular thing, and remove the object with which he is trying to fiddle. Then explain the child that it can cause harm or hurt him. The consequences should be properly explained after removing the child from danger.

There is a tendency in children to touch the cup of hot tea in the hands of parents. If the parents try to explain to him why it should not be touched, the child will be attracted more towards the cup. In such a case, let the child not touch the cup and explain with the word of mouth and expression that it is hot and will burn the finger.

Similarly, when the mother is working in the kitchen the toddler will try to touch the stove. Depending upon the age, try to explain to the child about the danger with the word of mouth and expressions, and when the child himself repeats the expression of danger, appreciate him. Then the child will understand and move away. Remember to keep the child away from the dangerous object while explaining.

Sometimes the children develop behaviour which elders do not like. In addition to stopping him, it is necessary to understand the reason behind his behaviour. The child may become abusive or start kicking and biting. This is not to the liking of parents. In this case, in addition to explaining to the child that it is a bad habit, try to find out from his school if some children are irritating him in class leading to such behaviour. In such a case take the help of the teacher and let her also explain that it is not correct. Never try to stop the child by repeating the same function yourself.

To discipline the toddler a positive discipline is a must. While explaining something to a toddler, stare into his eyes and explain. Appreciation of the child will lead to his learning and changing behaviour easily, negative method of discipline will not be of much help. Good behaviour can be reinforced by play acting when children are playing with toys. Parents can replicate certain dangerous situations and ask children what they should do and repeat again what safe behaviour is.