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It’s too late in night. Parents are tired and sleepy. But toddler, as if it’s their morning. Full of energy and there is no sign of sleep. No matter you are telling a story or singing a lullaby. They want to watch TV, want to play, even want you to play with them. They shout and get agitated if you try to take them to bed. Finally parents get frustrated.

This tantrum happens because the child has already played too much and is overwhelmed with hungry and frustration. Or it happens due to a feeling of authority challenging. The child wants to get those things which they usually don’t get.

Another reason may be to seek attention. Children want full attention of the people surrounding. To seek their attention children do so. There is no solution other then to manage it. Few tips can help to manage the tantrum.

When they are too active, they will not listen to anybody. Leave them to do what they want to. Just keep watch. After sometime the child will get tired and calm. Now go to him/her and ask with love to sleep.

Avoid some food items in dinner which make the child awake. Like the item which contains caffeine or high sugar level cake, chocolates etc. Dinner should be combination of vegetables and grains. Fruits having high sugar level like grapes, strawberries should be given in fewer amounts.

If the weather is too hot, child can take bath or a simple sponge to lessen the body temperature. Taking  advise of doctor you can use aromatherapy in the bath of the child. Cloth should be according to weather, comfortable and soothing. A gentle massage will also help.

Train the child to go toilet before bed. If the child is not properly toilet trained, his/her sleep will be disturbed. He/she will wet the bed. A proper toilet trained child will go to bathroom even if he/she feels in midnight, and will not wet the bed. So the child’s sleep will be sound.

Spend sometime with the child, with your total attention towards him/her. Discuss your routine with him and ask about how he passed his day, as if you are his/her friend. The child will feel relaxed. Tell a story, joke or sing a song with the child.

Sometime the child wants to leave him alone. Give the child some privacy. Let him play or to read something on bed. It will give him a feeling of independence. Even now if the child is not sleepy, get him/her indulged in some other job, like bedtime rhymes, some creative or brain games.

Although you are tired and sleepy yet remain calm and cool, control your temper. If there is no reaction from your side, at last the child will be calm down and fell asleep. You should be calm but firm to make them do what is correct.

Try to understand if there is any underlying reason. Talking with eye contact will make you understand the reason. If the tantrum is more intense, leave him/her until he/she calms down. For the growth and development of child a good sleep is very important. Get your child a correct habit of sleeping at right time.