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Symptoms of Tonsillitis in Babies or InfantsThe tonsils are made of two masses on the back of throat. These may be visible on opening full mouth and are seen through some special medical instruments. The tonsils get recurring infections in the throat or ear to cause breathing, swallowing and sleep problems due to the enlargement or obstruction in these. The foul smelling, cheese like formations will affect the tonsils to make these sore and swollen. Tumors can also grow on the tonsils but very rarely.

Causes of enlarged tonsils in babies

It may be caused by chronic infections and hearing loss. There can be blocking of eustachian tube and fluid can get blocked inside which may lead to middle ear infection in children. Sinus infection and nosebleeds may develop this problem. Oxygen levels in the blood can be low to cause sleep apnea to cause the enlargement of these organs. Untreated respiratory problems can lead to this ailment. Disorders in stemming from pulmonary hypertension can create problem. Natural obstruction in the throat and enlargement of tonsils can create disease of this type. It is caused by droplet transmission which is usually ignored by the parents and the child get infections of this disease.

Tonsillitis Symptoms in Infants
  • Enlarged and redness in tonsils
  • Coating of white or yellow color on the tonsils
  • Swelling can a slight change in the voice
  • Throat will have taste of soreness
  • Swallowing will be painful or uncomfortable
  • Lymph nodes glands in the neck get swollen
  • Fever is experienced by infant or child
  • The badness in breath is felt
  • Possibilities of ear infection in children

The bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics. Some surgical treatment may be taken in case of severity or frequent recurrence of infections. Tonsillectomy may be good treatment for chronic tonsils and earaches. The surgery is usually conducted on the children with the symptoms of obstruction in sleep apnea, extreme discomfort in talking, breathing, multiple throat, ear infections and rarely cancer.

The surgery is recommended in case the child has got seven episodes of strep throat or other throat infections. Even the steroids are used to reduce tonsil swelling.

Prevention and Precautions

The prompt evaluation of the tonsils should be conducted to give appropriate treatment. The delayed treatment can create more problems. Try to avoid the children to get mixed up with other children who are suffering from acute respiratory illness and reduce the spreading of these common illnesses to other children. Droplet transmission and droplet precautions may be very effective method to prevent the disease. Certain tonsillitis may be caused by mono which is spread by body fluid transmission. The body fluid precautions are very essential to prevent this type of tonsillitis.

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