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In this day and age, electronic toys are literally overflowing into the market place. It’s very difficult for parents to choose the right kind of toys for their kids. Choosing an ideal toy don’t have to be so hard now. We have listed some of the most brilliant and up-to-the-minute electronic toys from the recent toy-pick that not only will amuse your kids but also will make them academically brilliant at one fell swoop.

Tote and go laptop from V-Tech

This is a V-tech electronic toy for preschooler kids like of three to six years old. Your little one loves this toy. With more than twenty learning tricks that coach alphabets, word spelling, basic numbers, all shapes, your kid will surely receive a good quality learning basis. This cute-looking laptop can also be connected to a computer. So you can download other downloadable learning cards and stories. Click the link to buy online: VTech Tote and Go Laptop.

Leap-pad explorer learning Tablet from Leap Frog

This Leap Frog’s leap pad is one more exciting toy that cheers kids education, learning interactivity and commitment. This new tablet offers more than hundred enlightening books, interesting apps, edifying videos and games that enfold subjects such as science, English, reading and Math. As an additional feature, leap pad has an inbuilt camera that exhibits videos and pictures on the broad five inch touch screen. The learning tablet appears more like an iPad. Hence, your children will find it easy to tap and touch as learn better. Buy online: Leap-pad explorer learning Tablet

Inno tab interactive learning tablet from V-Tech

This high-tech toy is suitable for kids who are four to nine years old. This is one more great tablet for kids from V-tech that provides never-ending learning and entertainment activities. The Inno tab has the most interactive learning, superb educational games, fun activities and attractive reading tools that can be operated by the gadget’s five inch touch screen. A special feature in this InnoTab is its inbuilt camera!. Buy online: Inno tab interactive learning Tablet.

My own Leap top from Leap Frog

This toy is designed for kids of ages two and above. Slot in this amazing laptop into imaginary play that allows your kid to walk around the imaginary player, alphabets, animals, music and laptop literacy all these with 6 educational activity stoppings. This child-hard-hitting tool lets parents customize the games. This toy can be hooked up with the leap frog learning pathway on the internet to observe what your kid is learning. Buy online: My own Leap top.

Bilingual three-in-one smart wheels from V-Tech

Excellent toy for 9 months old kids. The 3-in-1 toy mature as your kid grows. It offers suitable educational activities for the kid’s age and is premeditated to offer an introduction to numbers and letters. The “tummy time” mode offers a navigation wheel, illumine letters and horn. The new-walkers can benefit from “rocker mode” while learning numbers, shapes, colors and the alphabets. Buy online: Bilingual three-in-one smart wheels.

Fisher-Price’s laugh and learn apptivity case

This brilliant electronic toy is suitable for babies of ages 6 months. By itself, this apptivity case is not a toy. But, this case dwells an iPhone that possesses numerous educational activities and informative apps. The cool apptivity case  allows your kid to discover, tap and touch the gadget at the same time keeping it safe and sound. The toy feel and baby- jangle feel makes it further engaging to snooping toddlers. Buy online: Fisher-Price’s laugh and learn apptivity case.

Brilliant advanced creations notebook from V-tech

This toy is perfect for kids who are five to eight years old. Your kid will be delighted to get this toy as a gift. This advanced level notebook is V-tech’s superior version that is very informative than the basic notebook toy. This awe-inspiring laptop offers a 4.5 inch LCD screen, touch pad, mouse to navigate, animations and one hundred and twenty knowledge activities that will help your kid to become the ‘top student of  the class’. Buy online: Brilliant advanced creations notebook.

Fisher Price-learn and laugh learning work bench

This funny learning toy is suitable for babies who are six months old. Your juvenile builder can hit and bradawl his way to learn the numbers, alphabets,  colors, shapes, actions and opposites in 3 special interactive educational modes that fetch the work bench to existence. There are more than fifteen catchy songs, phrases and sounds to amuse your tot’s listening abilities while he learns source and consequence from the a variety of device’s modes. Buy online: Fisher Price-learn and laugh learning work bench.

The ‘world’ talking cellular phone from Elmo

The mini-mobile is ideal for eighteen months old kids. Toddlers who love to play with your personal cell phone will adore this cool flip-phone that is designed for just toddlers. Let your kid flip his/her cell phone to be welcomed by the Elmo and have fun while watching Elmo’s wide opened eyes. Toggle between the 2 dissimilar modes that support the basic learning of numbers and a groundwork for your toddler’s early learning as you push various buttons on the Elmo cell phone. Buy online: Fisher-Price Elmo’s World Talking Cell Phone.

Leap Frog’s reading by tag

This electronic tag reading toy is perfect for your 4 year old. ‘Tag’ is a handheld, wireless device that looks like a pen. This toy makes use of an infra-red camera to identify words, symbols and letters. The fun part: The pictures sing and words chat when the tip gets taped in different pages in the tag book. The book livens up with the text interaction that makes your child’s reading pleasurable. This tag reading motivates even the most unenthusiastic reader of a house. Buy online: LeapFrog Tag Reading System

Scrabble Flash Cubes

This flash cuber is a good friend of all 8-years old kids. Scrabbling has now materialized into digital and moveable with this new fangled version. This toy can be played individually or with a buddy. Now your child can pick three or five tiles for his game play. He can also formulate as many words as he wishes before his game time expires. The cool tiles also illuminate when new words are created. The toy beeps to notify the players to continue until the game time expires. Also, the tiles count the scores and notifies the total number of right words created. Buy online: Scrabble Flash Cubes

The Playskool Alphi

This intellectual ‘Alphie’ is suitable for ages 3 and above. This knowledgeable automaton has been re-invented into a more realistic, robot. An LCD screen shows the real facial expressions, a humorous personality and a pleasant voice that attracts your toddler to learn rhyming, alphabets, colors, numbers, animals, different shapes, interactive skills and different instrument notes. This smart Alphie has an inbuilt moving handle and enough space to accumulate about thirty built-in cards on his back. Buy online: The Playskool Alphi