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Top 15 Free iPhone Games for KidsYou are stuck in a grocery store. Suddenly, your kid gets fussy and cranky. Unfortunately, you’re still left with a lot of items to shop around. What can you do to please your kid? Now, you can entertain your kid with some of the amazing least expensive or complimentary iPhone games and app’s that are ideal for preschoolers, toddlers and even older kids. Buckle up to explore the fun and exciting free iPhone games apps for your kids.

‘Cut’ the rope

With the help of  unique tools such as, catapults and pulleys, an unattractive yet cute fiend named ‘Om Nom’ solves  puzzles and also catches stars with the purpose of earning some yummy candies. This special game will certainly keep your little one engaged for a real ‘long’ period of time on a road trip. In fact, you will also wait for your turn to play this super-good game!. Link to download

Disney ‘Fairies’ Fly

If your kid got bored of watching 1 of the 3 tincker bell films time and again, entertain your pixie-fan with this fairy loaded answer! Tilt your iPhone and let your angel steer her preferred fairy all the way through a delightfully delivered Pixie void while collecting reserves by clearing all the hindrance. This app also consists of wallpapers and immobile shots from the films in addition to the miniature videos. Link

Birthday bash last playtime

This game is suitable for kids of ages 3 and up. If your child loves to play tea party games, then she’ll also love the this most modern app. This kid-friendly app will let your child to celebrate a birthday each and every day. Watch the kids gathering on all sides of the iPhone to share the yummy birthday cake!. Link

Helicopter cab(taxi)

If your kid is over-enthusiastic about shipping or transportation then, the helicopter cab or taxi is a good iPhone app to download. With improved realism, this helicopter taxi makes use of the iPhone’s in built camera to produce a real effect of a helicopter flying in the air from corner to corner of the room. If your little cute pilots move the device around, they can maneuver the helicopter to their ideal destination and land in various destinations so as to board the other passengers. The graphics used in this app are snappish and noticeably genuine. For sure, your children will be delighted to be the pilots of their personal helicopter voyages. Link

Zombies versus Plants

With about fifty plants on the team, you will be geared up to battle against twenty six kinds of zombies that are equipped for the battle. Unlike usual plants, these zombie shrubs are trained to create mulch with the help of a few brain-hunting ghosts. Since there are about fifty levels in this addictive game, mucking corpses are actually so hilariously funny. Link

For your little pianist

If your child wants to learn piano but the cost of buying one for in-home piano lessons is too expensive, then this app could be the answer to your prayers. With this app you can change your iPhone into an eighty eight key piano for your budding pianist. Pragmatic graphics in this game have 3D piano keys that lower when you stroke them. In addition, when your kid’s favorite music is made ready, your kid can record it. The app also has limitless over-dub options so that it can be played back for other admiring fans again and again. Link

Pocket cute frogs

If your kid is passionate about knowing amphibians, then this iPhone app can assemble, buy, sell and raise additional frogs in a customizable milieu. Your kid can play this frog game with his buddies as this game offers over sixty rewards for them as they step forward in the game. Link

Toddlers brain teasers – shapes

This super app is discovered by real parents who search for different ways to engage their 2 or 3 years old. This interesting app will question toddlers on various shapes. Kids will be properly guided to tap the right shape. Then, when they give the right answers for 4 questions, they will be awarded with an attractive sticker. What if your cutie pie pushes the rectangle instead of square? She would still find the right answer! How? The app spells the name of the incorrect shape and make your little one to guess the right answer. Link

Animal alphabet

This intellectual game is ideal for your brilliant toddler. This interesting game is crammed with multicolored computer graphics, animal sounds and loads of fun tips to learn alphabet letters. The game’s brilliant flash cards are really interactive as the animals actually talk to the kids from first to last alphabetic letters. Link

Jelly Car version 2

After the great hit of the novel jelly car, this second version of jelly car is a runaway punch in the midst of trendy kids now. Hence, it comes to the explanation that the second version of Jelly car will offer your kid to have as much ‘baggy-bang’ and ‘chitty-chat’ that’s well worth for your dollar. With about thirty newfangled levels, this game has 3 fresh modes where the personal customization allows your kid to craft his own puzzles, Jelly car, innovative sticky wheels and hot-air balloon aptitudes. As a bonus, your kid might unintentionally become skilled at incredible physics and analytics at the same time as he plays the game. Link

Doodle lite

Now, with this fantastic app, you can convert your gadget into a pocket-sized drawing pad. Your little artist can now draw his ‘work of art’ without any hindrance. What is the fun part? The justification to wobble the device violently!!. Link


All and sundry loves to have fun with checkers game. At the moment, kids can actually play checkers on the iPhone. Simply, tap once to pick a checker. Then, tap once more to shift it. The game is very easy for kids to play alone or in opposition to their siblings. Link

‘Wonderful’ (super) why

The game ‘super why’ takes your kid’s favorite characters. This game offers a cluster of games in which the rhyming, alphabet, writing reading and spelling is spun out in cool ways. The captivating theme song will certainly catch all the family members moods for the whole day. Link

Reminiscence match

In this breezy flash-memory game, mere luck is not going to work.  Purely, your kid’s untainted memorization will make him win the game. In this game, kids gain points for their memory power. If your kid finds out the right place where he saw the exact matching numbers or pictures, he will gain points . It takes some practice to win though!. Link

U.S. museum of classic history

If your little one is excited to know about old American history, this is the best app to download on the iPhone . The boundary starts with a startling medley of over eight hundred dinosaurs snaps that frame a picture of T Rex. Actually, your kid can knock on any one of the existing pictures to search the data on the creature attributes. For sure, this is one of the iPhone apps where parents also can take pleasure in conjunction with your little pumpkins. Link