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Top 15 Good Parenting TipsHave you thought of being an inspiring parent to your kids? I think many of us would have! However, we don’t really think much about “implementing the process” of being an inspiring parent to our kids. Let’s learn some of the best tips that we can do for our kids. Let’s turn into inspiring parents!

1. Try to be tolerant and serene

There is a saying – “ You need to be taught before the time passes”. What does that mean? In recent times, numerous kinds of ethnic assemblage and families are burgeoning in our society. So, as a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your kids about sympathy, acceptance and tolerance before they become 7 or 8 years old. Also, parents should also adapt these qualities in their life in order to live as a live example to their kids.

2. Gather at the dinner table

Have a family dinner every day. Though it sounds very simple, the dinner table is a spot where you can have a good conversation and spend some quality time as a family.

3. Let your kids know your workplace

Once in a while, take your children to your workplace. This will make them understand about your hard work, commitment, passion and aspiration to handle things in a right approach. Also, they will appreciate the value of each and every penny that you earn.

4. Move your body

If you want your children to exercise, then you do it first. Stop being a couch potato and engage yourself in a daily exercise routine. Just run around the house 4 or 5 times with your kids. It’ll be fun and healthy at the same time. Teach them a valuable lifetime habit – ‘exercise’.

5. Be a “supervisor”

Most of the times, parents don’t query about the products that they buy for their children. You always think that the products that are sitting in the grocery store shelves are 100% authentic. You never would have guessed that there would be a harmful chemical in the juice box that you often buy for your kids. Similarly, you never know that many companies use ‘carcinogens’ in the laundry detergents. All these facts never hit us before. Hence, it is always good to be an ‘overseer’ when you buy products for your children in order to keep and raise them healthy.

6. Practice your children to accept your “No’s”

Children must be taught to hold up fulfillment and gratification. They should understand that life is not even-tempered at all times. They should accept the fact that they may not get everything and anything they aspire. Therefore, it’s absolutely fine (actually, crucial) to say “no” to your child’s unacceptable desires or happiness.

7. Engage them in your kitchen work

Most of us don’t know that all kids love to cook. We think that their degree of labor in the kitchen is just restricted to “peeling potatoes or rolling cookie dough”. Actually, kids love to do many things in the kitchen. Allow them to stir-fry veggies, cut pizza slices, blend things together while cooking. Basically, all children love to know the real essence of cooking. If you allow them to perform some interesting activities in the kitchen, they will quickly develop their cooking skills that persist with them perpetually. At times, encourage their ‘kitchen help’ by offering them some money to save in their piggy bank!

8. Educate while you read bedtime stories

Children are very new to this exciting world. They have nil information with them. They need to learn things as they grow. How to help them learn things? Read, read and read with them!! Read more stories with your children. Stories may be anything from history to fiction. Create your own interesting and exciting stories about some queen of Europe or the king of Netherland. These bedtime stories will help them to explore new things in this universe.

9. Involve your children in social services

In all ages, children respond to the idea of helping others. As a parent, it is vital for you to lend a hand and administer their hard work. At the same time, permit your kids to do things on their own. When you educate your children to help others on their own interest, you are offering them an ‘origin’ of a pleasurable lifetime practice – “helping nature”.

10. Zero make-up day

This may sound odd or even, silly for many people! We all want to look and feel beautiful in front of our children. Nevertheless, being unique and remarkable is much more vital than being pretty and attractive. This surely requires compassion, essence, approach and of course, self-confidence. Never forget to rejoice the special qualities that portray you as a ‘unique mom’. What are those special qualities? “Qualities that would inspire your children with or without special grooming”. Simply put, your child should feel: “My mom is very powerful and beautiful until the end of time”!!

11. Never be judgmental

Being judgmental to the kids is the No.1 mistake most parents make. In the first place, let your child to explain. Then, gently but firmly let him/her know the mistake behind their act in a polite way without making them feel embarrassed for their act.

12. Manners matter

Teaching things such as, shaking hands with others in the right way, proper eye contact, polite behaviors are some of the wonderful treasures that parents can offer to their children. It will become a lifetime practice for them. Your child will never get a second opportunity to make a good impression in his/her life. So, start teaching good manners even in simple everyday activities.

13. Show them the real world

You don’t need to hide things from your children. Show some real life struggles that most children face in their life. For instance, poverty, lack of education and much more. That way, you teach your own child to grow up into a responsible adult.

14. Take good care of your health

Every mom or dad thinks that “My child and my family is my first priority”. Emotionally, this statement seems to be fine. But, maintaining your health is vital. If your child comes to know that you are falling apart emotionally or physically, it will hurt (scare) them very badly. Parent’s discontent or deprived health is a great encumber for children. So, let them know that you can handle life in a healthy way. This is a great way of letting your children understand that you will be there for them with a healthy body, mind and soul for a very long time!!

15. Movie night

Once a week, make a giant bag of popcorn, switch-off all the lights, cuddle with your children on a couch and watch some interesting kids movie. Giggle, have fun, discuss about the major flaws of the movie and finally, rate the movie. This is a great way to have a lifetime emotional attachment with your children as they grow up. At any point of their life, they always want you to take part in their personal life discussions or general discussions such as, warfare, allegiance, principles, philosophy, morals etc.