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Different Types of Common Baby Skin RashesRashes are very common in babies. Some of them disappear after a few days with some care but some need to be treated thoroughly. These rashes occur due to a variety of reasons. Knowing the cause of the rash would be helpful in administering the right medicines for treating them. Most of the common baby rashes are not serious. Following are the main types of baby rashes with their remedies:

Baby Heat Rashs – Miliaria

Heat Rash is commonly known as ‘prickly heat’. These appear as small pink boils around the neck, chest, back with lot of itching and discomfort. They occur if the child is exposed excessive heat or kept in warm atmosphere for a long time. This happens because the sweat glands in infants and babies are not developed enough to regulate the body temperature according to the environment. The cure for this rash is to cool the room of the baby, use loose cotton clothes and application of calamine lotion and prickly heat powder.

Baby Nappy or Diaper Rash

Baby diaper or nappy rashes are the most common, if the nappies are not changed frequently. When the skin comes in contact with the bacteria from urine or feces and moisture for a long time, the skin gets irritated and develops rash. The affected area would become red and itchy coupled with burning sensation. The best way to avoid it is to change nappy frequently and allow the skin to breathe between the changes. Applying mild powder and nappy rash cream would help to get rid of the rash but medical help should be acquired if the rash persists.


When the sweat glands are blocked, Milia occur. They are tiny white boils on the forehead, cheeks, chin, nose are harmless. They disappear automatically after a while.

Cradle Cap

It occurs on scalp and behind the ears of new born babies. The scalp would appear dark and scaly. Applying baby oil and shampooing would help to loosen up the scales and fall off. For no reason should the nails or any other force be used to remove the scales.

Drooling Rash

These are rashes that occur around the mouth and under the chin and at times on the neck. It’s common in babies that drool excessively especially in teething phase. Cleaning the baby’s drool frequently and keeping the area dry will minimize the occurrence of the rash.


Candida yeast causes the oral thrush infection inside the mouth of babies. It can occur even on nappy rash if it’s not treated properly. Medical attention is required to cure this. Breast feeding mothers can contract this from their babies.

Baby Rash Eczema

Eczema or Dermatitis is an allergic rash occurring in babies characterized by thick scaly skin with lot of redness. The affected becomes itchy and dry. There are two types of Eczema – atopic and seborrhoeic. Keeping the skin moisturized and avoiding use of soap and wool and synthetic clothing on the baby is the best way to keep it at bay.


Impetigo are a tiny red blisters on face and hands. This is a contagious infection caused by Staph or Strep bacteria. Only antibiotics prescribed by doctors would cure it.

Fever Rash

The skin becomes pink in patches when the temperature of the baby goes beyond 103°F. It automatically disappears when the fever comes down. But if it persists then medical attention is required.

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