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When the child is very young, crying is the first means of communication with the mother. The child will not normally cry when fully fed and does not need administering to. The only way the child can tell the parents of some need or discomfort is crying.

Small children often feel discomfort due to accumulation of gas in stomach. This can be due to a number of reasons including improper feed or lack of exercise or proper sleep. In medical terms this is called colic problem. The other common discomfort faced by the child is due to improper passing of stool leading to spasm or again colic problem. If the child cries even when you touch his stomach and if the crying increases, it needs medical attention.

A child also cries when he needs attention of the parents when hungry, or his clothes are wet and diaper needs to be changed. When the child cries may be due to any reason, it is necessary for the parents or those attending upon him to look for the reason. When the child develops some understanding that by crying he or she can grab the attention of parents and they will come rushing to take care, they will cause false alarm by unnecessarily crying. This should not be totally ignored but first checked as sometimes this may not be false call.

When the child is of about five to six months of age the crying may be apart from medical or other needs described above due to the following reasons:

If the child starts weeping at night it is possible that he may be hungry and needs to be fed. If after feed the child sleeps or starts to play, it means that his stomach was demanding fulfilment. It will take time to change this habit of not feeding at night. Try elongating time gap between two feeds. Some parents try giving water when the child demands feed at night, this way child will slowly stop demanding feed at night.

It the infant is sleeping in a different room he may feel lonely and may want your attention. This often happens when abruptly you make the child sleep in a separate room. The best way can be to begin with making the child sleep on a separate bed in same room and after few days start increasing distance between you and the child and finally move out.

Another reason can be that the child is afraid of being alone. Such a child will immediately go to sleep the moment you touch him. One of the ways out for such a child can be to keep a dim light on in the room. This fear will go only with time and when the child grows up.

Attend to the needs of the baby as attention will not spoil him or her.