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It is generally true that fathers are closer to daughter while mothers love their sons more. Apparently, fathers always tend to feel more for their girlie daughters even though they love them from the very beginning just like their sons. That’s why they say that all men want girl babies while most of the women want boy babies. As a matter of fact it is also true due to the reason that fathers are men which is why they always love to make their daughters feel secure and safe whatever their age is. Apart from this there are various aspects which make fathers fonder of their daughters and vice versa.

Fathers like to care for their little daughters from the very first moment of their coming into being for the reason that they want their little girls to feel safe and secure in their arms. They can never stand anyone hurting their bundles of joy for any reason whatsoever which goes without saying.

Fathers and daughters share a very special bond between them again for the reason that when it comes to have a real hero, every daughter looks up to her dad as he is one of the first men in her life whom she could easily relate to apart from having faith in and loving like no one else.

Fathers are strict too especially when it comes to accepting other men in their daughter’s life. This is true for the reason that they are possessive about their little babies and never believe they will ever be able to look after themselves just like their mommies do. There are some fathers who don’t feel like leaving their daughters for a while even which is why they often go and drop them to school or take them to the college etc.

Daughters always feel warm with their fathers around and love to share everything, good or bad, with them, come what may. They are possessive about their dads too which is why many a time they end up pampering each other every now and then creating a rift between the dad and mom at home in extreme cases.

Fathers are the happiest when they get a chance to father daughters and not sons in every case. But it’s never that they hate having sons as their children at all. Children are children and men who love kids, love both, boy babies and girl babies!