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Games are very good for the growth of a child. Games are very pleasing and a multi-faceted thing for child. Games help children to remain active. They also enhance creativity and confidence level in children. But games become a headache for parents when games are not the physical and conventional games of our times.

Children love to play only video games, online games and games on the T.V. When a hero defeats the devils, children, especially the boys, feel resemblance with that hero. It becomes more exciting when children play games with their friends and turn triumphant. But whatever be the case, game addiction is certainly not good for the growth of the child.
Games are a big business. Every child wants a good collection of games in his room. Boys always remain eager to buy new releases of bravery games. Sometimes children bet on games and develop the habit of gambling. The bright lights and strong colors of games can also affect the eyesight of a child.

As a wise parent you should tell your child about the disadvantages of spending too much time on video games. Video games can be played but for a limited time period only. There are many plus points of playing video games but minus points are so harmful that they cannot be sidelined. Excessive game playing can affect the development of the brain. Games excite the nervous system and the brain even starts responding negatively sometimes. Games also distract children’s attention and they can become the victims of ADHD syndrome or bipolar disorder.

To eliminate game addiction you can encourage your child to play various indoor and outdoor games. You should find time to play with your child, especially if he feels lonely at home. Many a time children switch on to video games to overcome their loneliness and stress. You can also encourage him to play with his friends. Allow him to bring friends at home or you can also send him to his friends’ home for creative play.

You can also motivate him to do something interesting at home like making of things from waste materials, gardening, cooking etc. Encourage him to develop reading habit. Arrange some good storybooks of his level. Books are a good company for all. Inspiring and interesting books can help your child get rid of game addiction.