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After the child is born he opens his eyes properly and looks at the new world around him within the next few days. The parents are thrilled to see their baby looking at them. It is the normal and natural worry of the parents who want to be sure that their infant has normal eyesight.

The parents should keep the following in mind to be sure that the eyesight of the child is normal. In case of even the slightest doubt a visit to an eye specialist is a must, without loss of time.

Soon after birth, child is able to see objects around, though he is unable to recognise things and colors, but when he sees something he tries to focus on the object for some time and then shifts the sight. After about a month or so the child is able to focus on objects. First thing he would like to focus on is mother’s face which is always near him. Soon the child will be able to recognise you and start responding. The first sign of response is when you are talking to the child he will look at you and smile.

By the time the child is of a month and half, he will try to turn towards the source of sound. At this age the child will watch you more keenly and on observing you talking to him, will change shape of lips as if he trying to copy you. Next stage of development of the eyesight is when the child starts following objects. This is when the child is around six months of age. If you move from one side to the other, the child will turn his eyes towards you and will subsequently try to turn neck.

The common eye trouble the child develops is when he himself or someone touches his eye with dirty hands. This often results in development of redness in eyes, or discharge of watery liquid. Do not ignore this as it may develop into serious infection. In consultation with the doctor put some eye drops and your child will be fine in a few days. Further when the nails grow, the child sometimes himself scratches eyes when feeling sleepy. Trim the nails at regular intervals and keep hands clean.

The cause of worry should arise if at the age of three months the child does not focus on you or follows your movements. Visit the pediatrician and eye specialist who will, with simple tests, ascertain if there is some problem. When the child is of three years visit to eye specialist can be undertaken and should be followed by regular yearly checkups.