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Learning disability, as the name suggests, is not a disease but is a disability faced by a person which starts showing effect from childhood. The parents are the first to know about this problem in the child. The moment they come to know of this problem they should pull up the guard and adopt a positive approach towards the child to enable him to be successful in life. There are many big names in different fields who have suffered from this problem and still achieved greatest heights.

It is not that as the name suggests that the person cannot learn, while there are various forms in which a child suffers. A person suffering can face difficulty either in reading or in writing or spelling or in language or in maths or hearing or motor or may suffer from emotional problem or even mental retardation.

The first indications of learning disability includes difficulties in speech, difficulty in writing the spoken words, difficulty in calculations, quick behaviour swings and uneven level of performance on the same subject, lack of auditory and motor coordination is another indication.

Broadly the learning disabilities can be classified in following four different types:

The first classification is academic disability. The child is unable to concentrate and learn the subject. He may be good in language but unable to understand maths. He gets confused easily and fails to recognize the difference between figures like 24 and 42. Similar is the case with alphabets like p and q. The learning process is difficult but not impossible.

The next classification is difficulty in learning language. The child can read but is unable to translate the spoken words into writing, or the child is unable to take dictation. In some cases the child can write down to tell something but cannot orally express himself. Such a person can overcome this difficulty by persistent practice. In case of difficulty of speech the child may be given an audio device and told to repeat the words. This will help.

The next is motor difficulty. Motor refers to the ability to move on a line or hold the body or himself in a particular direction or hold an object like pencil or pen. A child suffering from this type of disability is unable to write clear words as the grip on writing medium is not proper, but he understand the subject. Training on use of computer can be helpful. Physical exercise and military like commands to stand, start, stop, walk can be of much help.

The last of four types of learning disability is referred as social disorder. Those suffering from this disorder are unable to control social emotions. They may start touching or embarrassing or even kissing strangers showing love and may act as strangers with known people. They are unable to understand body language etc. These persons can be benefited if allowed to freely mix up in society.