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Autism in children has proved to be a very elusive disease till now as far as its causes are concerned. This has become a source of great consternation for parents whose children suffer from this relentless disease. Many studies point out towards some kind of gene malfunctioning to be its causes. But this has not been proved till now and is considered as a medical proposition. Medical people want documented proofs to be able to say something conclusively.

Autism is also much dreaded by the parents because though controllable to a large extent, no vaccine/medicine has been developed that can completely obliterate this disease. The primary solution lies in various kinds of behavioral therapies and adjustments on part of parents.

There are some theories that malnutrition can also cause Autism in the long run. Though it has been seen that children affected with Autism do improve if given Vitamins in a proper way, no conclusive proof is available that may link the disease to malnutrition. Similarly, lack of parenting proficiency or altogether bad parenting also does not cause Autism. God forbid, it does not mean that one should start treating their children with harshness. It only means that unfortunate children who may not be physically/psychologically healthy may never develop Autism.

So, what is the latest that medical science has to offer as regards the causes of this disease? Recent studies have found beyond doubt that children who suffer from Autism have large brain size (as compared to normal) and suffer from immune deficiency. This indicates that the root of this disease lies in the malfunctioning of brain or part of brain. Though big brain size is considered advantageous in normal children, in the case of Autistic children it certainly points out to some kind of genetic abnormality.

Parents who have a child who suffers from Autism are more likely to have this problem in other children that they may have. This does not mean that it is because of some defective gene in the parents. It may be the result of some flawed gene that has become dominant and was actually passed all the way through their ancestors’ gene pool.

A faint proposition is being made that links Autism to the practice of Vaccinations-though only very slightly. Mind you, vaccinations have become a necessity in the modern age and not vaccinating a child may do more harm than good to him. The best way out is to discuss with your doctor regarding the potential dangers of a particular vaccine.
So, it can be said that Autism has genetic roots and it’s only a matter of time when researchers are able to track down the faulty gene to the benefit of thousands and thousands of innocent children. Till then, proper knowledge about his disease, proper treatment and proper attitude towards the autistic children can make a lot of difference, both for parents as well as children.