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Except in case of some complication that could arise due to a variety of reasons where doctors recommend bed rest, exercise is generally recommended to the pregnant lady. After one gets the first indication of being pregnant, at the time of the first check up generally doctors give a detailed chart of what to do and what not to do during the next nine months. One of the essential parts of the booklet or chart which the woman gets is dedicated to the exercises which she can or cannot do. In spite of the fact that everything is given in writing it is better to discuss in detail about the exercises with the health provider.

Regular and mild exercises are beneficial both for the mother and the child. The best is that exercises make the mother ready for delivery by building up the relevant muscles. This way the woman will be able to face labour in a better way and the developed muscles will help the woman to face labour in a better way and boost the level of energy. In addition to the help during the time of actual delivery, exercise is helpful in a number of ways:

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy
  • It helps blood circulation, thus providing necessary oxygen to all parts of the body and also to the child.
  • Generally women complain of backaches during pregnancy. Regular exercise helps to provide relief. Exercise helps joint movement and lubricates and strengthens them. Due to hormonal changes the joints are loosened and exercise helps prevent this problem.
  • It is a known fact that mild exercise helps relieve both brain and body of stress caused due to a number of factors. After exercise the woman will be able have better sleep and will be fresh to face the day ahead.
  • Exercise will have a general wellness effect on the digestive system and the skin. With adequate blood flow the skin will look brighter and healthier.
  • After the birth of the child the body will easily return to its normal size and shape. As the pregnant woman had been exercising during the entire period, doing exercise at a slightly increased scale will not put strain on the system.

Researchers have concluded that those ladies who do regular exercises both before and during pregnancy face lesser chances of complications relating to pregnancy.

Safe exercises in pregnancy

After discussing with your doctor exercises should be started. Some of the exercises which are beneficial during pregnancy or even before pregnancy are:

Without any doubt meditation, breathing exercises and light yoga are the best and safe things to do during pregnancy.

Swimming and water aerobics can help you feel as if your weight is less due to thrust of water, thus relieving you of the problem of feeling of heaviness. Also swimming provides strength to each and every part of the body, especially thigh and leg joints.

Dancing is another exercise which is recommended by the doctors. Those who love music and dancing will feel greatly relaxed while dancing to the tune of their favorite music. If your dance partner is your life partner, things will be much better.

Walking and biking are the other set of exercises recommended by the doctors. Be extra careful while biking, do not ride on bumpy roads and prevent falling. Similarly you should walk on even ground. If possible, you can go up the hill of milder elevation. A kilometer of walk per day to begin with will be sufficient. This could be increased slowly so that you face minimum strain.

At all costs avoid exercises which involve jumping and stretching your body too much backward or forward. Never get fatigued and overburden your body. Do all this with full care and precautions. Stop immediately as you feel any discomfort or strain within your body.