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The time when a child is growing unusually fast for a short time, is called a stage of growth spurt. Growth spurt are essential part of physical maturation as well as of development. It’s also known as frequency days. It happens during infant stage and adolescent stage. Growth and development goes simultaneously, which indicates the stage of Ontogenesis. Hormonal development affects the physical growth in human being right from the time of fetal formation.

Growth hormone Somatotropin secreted by Pituitary gland is responsible for different size of different person. This hormone is responsible for overall growth and development of a human body. Growth hormone which is produced from time of conception, stimulates the cells to multiply and grow. Due to this hormone IGF-1 is produced by liver and tissues which further proliferates to produce cartilage (chondrocytes) and then leads to the growth of bone. Muscles are also developed with the help of IGF-1, by the proliferation of Myoblasts. The hormone helps in protein synthesis and assimilation of amino acid in the muscles. This is a brief story of function of hormone in growth and development of human body.

Growth Spurt Baby and Toddler

During growth spurt some different symptoms can be seen in human body as well as in behavior. In case of a baby growth spurt can be seen in 2, 3, 6 weeks of age and then in 3 and 6 month of age. It may last few weeks or few months.

Few changes are observed in babies, which are sign of growth spurt. The baby needs to feed frequently. Just after feeding again the baby is hungry. You are amazed to see how much milk the baby is consuming.
The baby becomes fussy and agitated. He/she doesn’t sleep whole night, whereas some babies sleep too much. Sleeping too much is better, because in this period the baby needs rest. The baby becomes very active. Physical growth along with cognitive growth can be observed. Parents should know to manage this developmental stage. Since a baby wants to feed continuously, so mom needs to take care of herself as well.

Teen Growth Spurt

During teenage the sign of growth spurt can also be seen. In adolescent, in case of boys it is seen in 12-16 years and in case of girls 11-14 years of age. It can last for over a year. Due to hormonal change, sex characteristics are developed in body. Voice of a boy is changed. It becomes deeper and grave. Facial hairs come out, muscular growth can be noticed. In case of girls breast starts developing, menstruation cycle gets started. Changes in behavior can also be seen. Children get agitated and angry easily. They also become emotional and touchy. Growth spurt is a positive sign, which shows that growth as well as development is going on. They are on the way to become an adult.

Parents of adolescents should make their children aware of the changes. Make them feel it as normal phenomena. Keep yourself cool and calm regarding their behavioral changes. The signs may vary according to gender and person to person.