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A colicky baby can be a source of immense agony for the parents. Parents have to be educated in this regard. Let’s gain some information on this matter.

Colic is basically the pattern of excessive crying in a baby and there is no concrete reason for this crying. The baby is otherwise normal and healthy. This problem confronts about one-third of the babies. There is a positive side to this problem also. The thing to feel relief about is the fact that colic symptoms usually subside automatically after the age of 3 months. But, the intervening time is a testing period for the concerned parents.

Causes of Colic

There are many assumptions as to why colic takes place. According to one theory, the immaturity of the nervous system of the infant is a major cause. The baby is not able to assimilate all the stimulations that he is subjected to throughout the day. The crying of the baby is a way to get relieved of this nervous tension.

Another theory says that it is because of the underdeveloped digestive system of the baby. The baby is not able to digest his feed properly and hence resorts to crying. Gas can also develop in the stomach and the baby may also suffer from cramps. Whatever the reason, the parents need not get over worried or depressed because this a way in which the body adjusts itself to the surroundings.

What is expected of the parents ?

If your baby is restless and is on the verge of crying you can take the help of swaddling. You can rock or bounce the baby gently so that he goes to sleep. You can also use a sling for this purpose or take your baby for a ride in a car. Babies also get attracted to a variety of noises like, sounds of vacuum pumps, fan motors, car engines etc. You can even give a lukewarm shower to your baby or calm him with a light massage. Cramps can also be reduced by using a hot water bottle beneath the baby’s stomach or by using certain pacifiers. Gripe water, Simethicone drops etc. also are helpful in alleviating the pain.

Some parents have even taken the help of certain innovative methods for the benefit of their baby. One such method is to lay your baby face down on a running dryer. The warm air as well as the vibration resulting thereof can calm and soothe the baby. Moreover, the baby is attracted to this source of distraction and hence is not much bothered by the colicky pain. Similarly, as already discussed above, some babies respond exceedingly well to bouncing. But this activity is very exhausting for the parents as well. So, some parents use a big ball for this purpose. A parent sits on this ball with the baby in his hands. Then he himself bounces a little for some time and the baby goes to sleep comfortably.

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